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6" Coriolis flow meter

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What is 6” coriolis flow meter?

6”Coriolis flow meter means a type of flow meter that 6 “, 6 inches or NB150, DN150 in diameter and uses the Coriolis principle to measure the mass flow rate of fluids.
The Coriolis principle states that when a fluid flows through a vibrating tube, it creates a Coriolis force that is proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid. A 6” Coriolis flow meter uses this principle to measure the fluid's mass flow rate directly, which makes it highly accurate and reliable.

6” coriolis flowmeter applications

A 6" Coriolis flowmeter is typically used for industrial applications where larger flow rates of liquids or gases need to be measured with high accuracy. 6” Coriolis flow meter applications include: flow measurement of slurries of high noise , ground ore and water 6 inches flow meter, liquid with grain solids mass flow measurement, coriolis meter two phase flow, DN150 drilling mud flow meter, diesel, unleaded gasoline, kerosene 6” flow meter, 6” mass flow meter for refined hydrocarbons, bitumen flow meter with 6” pipeline ,high temperature 6” mass flow meter, raw juice, mixed juice , final molasses 6 inch flow meter,  6 inch heavy molasses flow meter, lube oil 6”flow meter, 6 inch flow meter to calculate LNG transfer , Petroleum flow meter,6 inches boil off gas line, 6” mass flow meter for ethane ,methanol, heavy oil.,etc.

How accurate is a 6 inch Coriolis flow meter?

Coriolis flow meters are known for their high accuracy, which is one of the main advantages of using them for mass flow measurement. The accuracy of a Coriolis flow meter typically ranges from 0.1% to 0.5%, depending on the specific model and application. However, some high-end models can offer even higher accuracy, up to 0.05% or better, while for large size flow meter such as 6” , or high viscosity Coriolis flow meter ( such as final molasses flow meter device) , the accuracy can be a little poor.
In general, Coriolis flow meters are known as High accuracy flow meter, it provide accurate and reliable measurements across a wide range of flow rates, fluid types, and operating conditions, making them a popular choice for many industrial applications.

6” Coriolis flow meter price?

The price of a Coriolis flowmeter can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the specific model and manufacturer, and any additional features or accessories included, such as protocol, communication, flow meter pressuring rating ,is it 6” high temperature flow meter or 6” Cryogenic flow meter ,or whether 6 inch jacket flow meter. In general, Coriolis flow meters are among the most expensive types of flow meters due to their high accuracy and advanced technology. Prices can range from a few thousand dollars for a small and simple model, to tens of thousands of dollars or more for larger and more complex meters with advanced features. However, it's important to keep in mind that the high accuracy and reliability of Coriolis flow meters can result in significant cost savings and improved process efficiency over the long term, making them a worthwhile investment for many industrial applications. And 6” Coriolis mass flow meter price starts from $9000, or contact to get more accurate  and low Coriolis flow meter price.

Technical Specification of 6” Corioils mass flowmeter

  • Size: 6”Coriolis flow meter, 6 inches dial size Coriolis meter, DN150;
  • Display: Can be integral display or remote mount display.
  • Flow range: The minimum and maximum flow rates that the meter is capable of measuring accurately is 0~400 MT/h, 0~111 kg/s, 0~244 lb/s, 0~6.67 t/min; it is Large flow Coriolis meter.
  • Accuracy: The level of accuracy, typically expressed as a percentage of actual flow rate, that 6” Coriolis mass flow meter can achieve under specific conditions is 0.15~0.5%.
  • Process connection: The type and size of the connection to the process line, such as AINS flange, DIN flanged 6” mass flow meter
  • Material: The construction material of the 6” Coriolis meter is stainless steel;
  • Temperature range: The minimum and maximum temperatures that the meter can handle for the fluid being measured is -200°C to 350°C or -328°F to 662°F ,which means it can be made into 6”
  • Cryogenic flow meter, ultralow temperature 6” Coriolis flow meter; or made into 6 inch high temperature mass flow meter;
  • Pressure range: The standard pressure that the 6” Coriolis mass flow meter can handle for the fluid being measured is 16 bar (232 psi), it can be made into high pressure 6” Coriolis mass flow meter, such as 300LB,600LB,900 LB or even to 2320 psi pressure rating.
  • Output signals: 6” Coriolis mass meter generates analog current (4-20mA), frequency, MODBUS communication protocol, or option with HART.
  • IP protection classes:IP67
  • Power supply: The required power supply for the flow meter can be 220 AC or 24V DC voltage.
  • Hazardous area approvals: ATEX certification approvals for use in hazardous environments.
  • These are just a few of the many technical specifications that may be included for a 6” Coriolis mass flow meter. The exact specifications will depend on the specific meter and application.
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