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6 inch Flow Meter

6 inch Flow Meter

  • 6 inch water flow meter

    6 inch water flow meter

    What is 6 inch water flow meter?6” water flow meter refers to the size of the flow meter for measuring water consumptio...

  • 6 inch gas flow meter

    6 inch gas flow meter

    What is 6 inch gas flow meter?6 inch gas flow meter, which means that the flow meter sensor diameter size is 6" or DN150...

What is 6 inch flow meter?

6 inch flow meter refers to the flow meter internal diameter 6inch, 150mm.
6inch flowmeters can be 6 inch oil flowmeters, 6 inch water flowmeters, 6 inch steam flowmeters, DN150 air flowmeters, etc. The following is a brief introduction to several 6 inch flowmeters. 6 inch flow meter price is determined by many factors, such as flow meter principle, flow sensor material, etc. The cheapest 6" industrial flow meter price is $500.

6 inch flow meter with total flow and instant flow

Most 6 inch flowmeters can measure both totalized and instantaneous flow, such as 6" turbine flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, 6 inch electromagnetic flowmeters, 6 inch ultrasonic flowmeters, DN150 Coriolis mass flowmeters, etc.; some flowmeters only can measure flow rate flow, such as variable area flowmeter; some flow meters can only measure the total amount, such as oval gear flowmeter,Bi-rotor flowmeter, etc.

6” Velocity Flow Meter

Velocity flow meters are instruments that measure the average velocity of the fluid in the pipeline to measure flow. There are many ways to measure the flow velocity; there are many different measurement principles for the velocity flowmeter. Velocity flowmeters commonly used in liquid flow measurement include turbine flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters, and ultrasonic flowmeters.

6 inch Turbine Flow Meter

6" turbine flowmeter is an inline flowmeter with a relatively large dial size. When the fluid flows through the flowmeter, the turbine blades rotate under the action of hydrodynamics, and there is a quantitative relationship between the rotation speed and the average flow velocity of the fluid. By measuring the rotation speed of the turbine blades, the flow or total amount can be deduced. The device for measuring the rotational speed can be mechanical, optical, magnetic, etc. Turbine flowmeters are generally composed of sensors and converters. Turbine flowmeters can measure air, water, natural gas, methane, Biogas, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, utility oil, etc. DN150 turbine flow meter can be made with 4-20mA output, pulse output flow meter or with MODBUS RS485.

6" Vortex Flow Meter

6 inch Vortex flowmeter is to place a vortex generator in the fluid, and the fluid is alternately separated on both sides of the vortex generator downstream to release two regular staggered vortexes. There is a certain quantitative relationship between the geometric size of the body, the geometric size of the pipe, and the average flow rate of the fluid. As long as the frequency of
the vortex is detected, the flow rate or total amount can be obtained. According to the different detection methods, vortex flowmeters can be subdivided into stress type, strain type, capacitive type, thermal type, vibration type, photoelectric type.,etc. Vortex flowmeter generally consists of two parts: sensor and digital flow transmitters. This kind of instruments can be used as 6" steam flowmeter, 6" compressed air vortex flowmeter, 6" water flowmeter. It can measure portable water, pure water, drinking water and so on. It can be with temperature and pressure compensation to realize steam or vapor mass flow measurement.

6" Magnetic Flow Meter

6 inch magnetic flow meter
6 inch electromagnetic flowmeter is a flowmeter that measures conductive liquids based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. In a closed pipe, a magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction is set. When the conductive liquid moves in the direction of cutting the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field, an induced electromotive force will be generated in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field and the fluid flow. There is a certain quantitative relationship between the size and the inner diameter of the pipe, the average flow rate of the fluid, and the magnetic induction intensity. As long as the induced electromotive force is measured, the flow or total amount can be obtained. 6 inch mag meter consists of two parts: mag flow sensor and converter, and is a very widely used flowmeter. The 6" flowmeter can measure sewage, dirty water, corrosive chemical liquids, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, etc., and can also measure pulp, etc. 6 inch mag flow meter can detect liquid flow from 30-600 m3/h ( 132-2641 GPM).

6" Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The 6 inch ultrasonic flowmeter is a flowmeter that uses the propagation of ultrasonic waves in fluids to measure flow. Ultrasonic flow meters are usually composed of one or more ultrasonic transducers and devices, and the flow of fluid can be deduced from the ultrasonic signals they generate and receive. There are many methods for the detection of ultrasonic signals, and the most commonly used methods are the time transit flow meter and the Doppler method. According to the installation method of transducers, ultrasonic flowmeters can be divided into contact type (pipe type) ultrasonic flowmeters and external clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters (6 inch non contact flow meter);. 6" ultrasonic flow meters are generally used to measure the flow of water. Can do 6" clamp on, non-intrusive flow sensors that do not need to cut off the pipeline for liquid flow measurement when installing.

6" Mass Flow Meter

6 inch mass flow meter
Mass flowmeter usually refers to a flow meter device direct measurement of fluids mass flow, that is, the output signal of the flowmeter detection part directly reflects the mass flow of the fluid, and the Coriolis mass flowmeter is more widely used now. When the fluid flows in the pipeline, the fluid in the pipeline is still in a rotating system while moving linearly, and the Coriolis force proportional to the mass flow is generated. As long as the Coriolis force is measured, the flow rate can be obtained and total amount. According to the shape and number of detection tubes, Coriolis mass flow meters mainly include straight tube type, U type, Q type, S type, single tube type, double tube type and so on. Coriolis mass flow meters are mainly liquid measurement, especially suitable for high viscosity liquid measurement. 6" thermal gas flow meter can measure air and gas; it can be a 6" insertion type thermal gas flow meter, the price is very cheap.

6” Rotameter

6 inch rotameter
Rotameter also calls variable area flow meter, it is a special differential pressure flowmeter, which consists of a vertical tapered tube that expands from bottom to top and a float placed in the tapered tube that can move up and down freely. When the fluid flows through the conical tube from bottom to top, the float moves up and down with the change of flow in the conical tube, and the annular area between the maximum outer diameter of the float and the conical tube changes with the change of the position of the float. The pressure difference always remains the same. When the resultant external force on the float is zero, it is stable at a certain height, and the position of the float indicates the flow rate. During the measurement process, the float flowmeter keeps the pressure difference before and after the float unchanged by changing the flow area. The float flowmeter is also called a variable section flowmeter or a constant pressure drop flowmeter.
According to the material of the conical tube, the rotameter is divided into glass tube rotameter and metal tube rotameter. The float flowmeter can only measure the instantaneous flow, not the total amount. Additional transmitters are required to obtain instantaneous flow. The float flowmeter has a simple structure and mature technology, and can be used as small flow flow meter.

6" Positive Displacement Flow Meter

6 inch positive displacement flow meter
6 inch positive displacement flowmeter (DN150 DP flow meter) is a flowmeter that measures the total amount of fluid flowing through it over a period of time. When the fluid flows through the flowmeter, the internal mechanical measuring element continuously divides the fluid into a single known volume part under the action of hydrodynamic force, and repeats filling and emptying. By measuring the number of cycles, the total fluid can be obtained. According to the type of measuring element, positive displacement flowmeter can be subdivided into oval gear flowmeter, roots flow meter, bi-rotor flowmeter, etc. At present, the positive displacement flowmeter is one of the most accurate types of flowmeters. The liquid positive displacement flowmeter is mostly used to measure the total amount of expensive and high viscosity fluids such as oil products. 6" positive displacement flowmeter is generally used for oil measurement, such as diesel, heavy oil, gasoline, and can also be used for high viscosity liquid measurement, such as 6" asphalt positive displacement flowmeter.

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