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Turbine water flow meter

Turbine water flow meter

Turbine water flow meter is a flow sensing device that measures the water flowrate from the calculation of the rotations of a rotor blade placed in the direction of flow. The simple working principle, high accuracy, lower risk of derangement and ease of installation process make it a very widely used and comprehensive flow meter. Water turbine flow meter is also involved in process control of different water, such as produced water, tap water, clean water, drinking water , treated water, distilled water, purified water, DI water .,etc.  Liquid turbine flow meter is mainly for clean water without solids or particles.

Working principle

The design of the water turbine flow meter sensor is unique from other meters. It consists of a metallic rotor surrounding a central shaft. The periphery of the rotor consists of blades made of magnetic material. It is these blades that produce a magnetic field when setting to rotation by the pressure of flowing fluid. A sensing device is attached to the side of this installation. When the blades rotate, a magnetic field is generated across the rotor. The changing magnetic field causes a flux change and thus a voltage is produced. The monitor or water turbine flow sensor detects this voltage and determines the value of the flow rate using the intensity of voltage. The final result is displayed across a digital screen in a quick time.

Features of turbine type water flow meter

  • 1- Precise reading of continuous and discontinuous water obtained.
  • 2- Instantaneous flow rate of low viscosities fluid is obtained, such as water
  • 3- Measurements with a very low flow rate can also be made.
  • 4- Besides water, turbine flow transmitters also applicable on hydraulic oils, fuels, chemicals, and gases.
  • 5- water with high temperature and excessive pressure has no effect in turbine meter readings.
  • 6- Digital water turbine flow transmitter with electronic display to show flow rate and total flow
  • 7- Water flow transmitter has 4-20Ma output or pulse output, option with HART, MODBUS
  • 8- Process connection for digital water flow meter is tri-clamp, thread, flange or wafer


Turbine type flow meter is used in custody transfer, batching and mixing, cryogenic and aerospace departments. Oil and gas industries, fuel management plants, automobile industries and other commercial plants make use of these precise and accurate flowmeters. Chemical, water and hydrocarbon flow metering also requires turbine meters for accurate measurements.

Turbine flow meter manufacturer

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