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Inline water flow meters gpm

Industrial inline water flow meters with flow unit GPM ( gallons per minute) option. We often use Electromagnetic flow meter (EMF), liquid turbine flow meter , vortex flow meter , rotameter (varaible area flow meter) to measure water flow rate. 
  • Deionized water flow meterDeionized water flow meter2019/05/20We often use liquid turbine flow meter for deionized water (RO/DI skids), soft water, and condensate, boiler feed water; because these fluids are clean and pure, and have low conductivity which magnet...view
  • Irrigation water flow meterIrrigation water flow meter2019/05/19SHD series Electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for irrigation industry to supply accurate and stable performance flow measurement in low price cost. We supply large ranges of digital flow sensor ...view
  • Digital flow meters for WaterDigital flow meters for Water2018/11/20When talking about digital flow meter water, we often recommend electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter and vortex flow meters. All these flow meters are low cost digital water flow meters.view
  • GPRS Electromagnetic flow meterGPRS Electromagnetic flow meter2019/07/11Battery powered electromagnetic flow meter has a lithium battery which can work for 36-72 months, it has built-in GPRS/GSM/CDMA module which can send flow measurement value to cloud server to realize ...view
  • Insertion type electromagnetic flow meterInsertion type electromagnetic flow meter2019/06/27Insertion probe electromagnetic flow meter is suitable for pipeline size over 8 inches; it is ideal solution for large pipe size conductive liquid flow measurement ,such as waste water, portable water...view
  • Compact converter mag flow meterCompact converter mag flow meter2019/06/24Compact style mag meter has integral display together with magnetic flow sensors which is easy for flow rate reading and parameter configurations. It is usually used when the operation environment is ...view Protection Status