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Inline natural gas flow meter

In-line flow meters which suitable for natural gas flow metering include gas turbines flow meter, vortex flow meters and thermal dispersion flow meter. These in-line natural gas flow meters all have electronic display that shows natural gas instantaneous flow and cumulative flow .In-line natural gas flow meters are also divided into volumetric flow meters and mass flow meters.Silver Automation Instruments sell low price digital natural gas flowmeter with fast lead time and rugged quality.Natural gas is a kind of fuel gas, the main component of natural gas is CH4 (methane), which is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It also includes certain amounts of ethane, propane and heavy hydrocarbons, as well as small amounts of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and vulcanization. Natural gas ignites to produce H2O (water).

In-line gas turbine flow meter for natural gas volumetric flow measurement 

When the natural gas flows through the turbine flow sensor, the turbine is forced to rotate under the action of the fluid thrust, and its rotation speed is proportional to the average flow velocity of the natural gas. The rotation of the turbine periodically changes the magnetic resistance value of the magnetoelectric converter, and the magnetic flux in the detection coil is followed. A periodic change occurs, producing a periodic electrical pulse signal. The electrical pulse signal is proportional to the volumetric flow of fluid flowing through the turbine flow sensor over a range of flow rates (Reynolds numbers).
In-line Gas turbine flow meter advantage:
✔     In-line gas turbine flow meters from DN20(3/4 inch) to DN400 (16 inch) 
✔     High accuracy :±1%R~±1.5%R
✔     Good repeatability, short-term repeatability of 0.05% to 0.2%
✔     Output pulse frequency signal for total metering and connection to a computer
✔     No zero drift, strong anti-interference ability. 
✔     High frequency signal (3~4kHz) can be obtained, and the signal resolution is strong
✔     Compact and lightweight, easy to install and maintain
✔     Suitable for high pressure natural gas flow measurement
Application overview:
Turbine flow meters are widely used in the following measuring media: petroleum, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gases, gas and cryogenic fluids. Gas turbines can be used to measure air, oxygen, nitrogen, gas, natural gas, gas, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, flue gas, methane, butane, chlorine, gas, biogas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, acetylene, phosgene, oxygen and so on.

Vortex shedding flow meter for fuel gas flow rate measurement

A non-streamlined vortex generator is placed in the fluid, and the fluid is alternately separated on both sides of the vortex generator to release two rows of regularly arranged vortex . Within a certain flow (Reynolds number), the separation frequency of the vortex is proportional to the volumetric flow of the fluid flowing through the vortex flow sensor.
Vortex flow transmitter advantage:
✔     In-line vortex flow meter from DN20 to DN300
✔     The structure is simple and firm
✔     The maintenance is convenient and easy 
✔     Suitable for a wide variety of fluids, such as liquids, gases, vapors and partially miscible fluids
✔     Measuring natural gas with high precision, generally ±1%R~±2%R
✔     Wide turn down range, up to 20:1~10:1
✔     Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total metering and connection with computer, no zero drift

In-line thermal gas flow meter for measuring natural gas mass flow

Thermal gas flow meters measure natural gas with the following advantages:
✔     In-line thermal mass flow meter option with thread, wafer or flange connection
✔     It can directly measure the mass flow of natural gas without the compensation or correction of temperature and pressure.
✔     Thermal gas flow meter maintains long-term measurement accuracy
✔     High-precision measurement can be restored by simply cleaning the probe
✔     Can detect natural gas at low flow rate with high sensitivity signal

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