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Thermal flowmeter for combustion gas & natural gas

Nowadays people are very aware of the need to protect the environment. They need to reduce energy consumption. This demand has led to the widespread use of the thermal dispersion flow meters. Because this kind of gas flow meter can let people know the amount of gas which is used, and better detect exhaust emissions.

The American government has enacted regulations requiring gas and oil natural systems to detect carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, which has led to the widespread use of gas flow meters. A large number of petrochemical industries are affected by this policy and taken actions to detect the exhaust gas flow measurement.

digital natural gas flowmeter

A wide variety of measurement techniques are used in this industry, but the following factors of the gas flowmeter are important.

1.  Flowmeter repeatability
2.  Flow meter measures mass flow
3.  Flowmeter accuracy
4.  Flowmeter range ratio
6.  Performance stability of the flow meter

Conventional gas flowmeters measure volumetric flow, such as gas turbine flowmeters, orficate plate flow meters, vortex flowmeters, etc. If you want to measure mass flow, you need a temperature sensor (such as a thermal resistor RTD), a pressure sensor, and a flow totalizer to achieve temperature and Pressure compensation measurement. However, the thermal immersible mass flowmeters does not require additional temperature and pressure compensation, and its measured value is hardly affected by the pressure and temperature of the medium.

Insertion Type or Inline Type Thermal Mass Flowmeter ?

For pipe line diameter is smaller than 100mm, we generally choose a flanged thermal flowmeter. For pipes lines larger than 100mm, we usually choose a insertion type gas flow sensor. The thermal mass gas flow meter has no moving parts, and the plug-in process connection method is more convenient to install and maintains. For gas flow measurement in large pipelines, the insertion type gas mass flow meter is a very good choice.

Wide Measuring Range for Gas

The Thermal mass flowmeter has a very wide measurement range with a turndown ratio of 100:1, and the gas sensor can even detect extremely low flow rates of gas.

Digital Type Mass Flowmeter

the immersible mass flowmeters  supplied by Silver Automation Instrumentation is equipped with digital display, button operation and commissioning, 4-20mA output, RS485 communication for emission monitoring and combustion control. Customers can also have more needs, such as the need for hart communication, or the digital display can show the gas medium temperature range, our flowmeter can meet these specifications with extra cost. The SRK-100 series of mass flow meters provide the petrochemical industry with a simple, convenient and very cheap way to monitor energy consumption.

Increasing Demand for Gas Flow Meter

In addition, natural gas has enjoyed a reputation as the cleanest fossil fuel for many years because it emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than coal or oil. With the advancement of shale gas technology, domestic natural gas has become richer and cheaper, and more and more has replaced coal for power generation, as well as replacing gasoline and diesel as fuel for vehicles. The thermal mass flow meter is a very good process instrument for measuring natural gas. It is easy to install and cheap, and is popular among many people.

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