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CNG mass flow meter

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Why use Coriolis flow meter to measure CNG mass flow?

Coriolis flow meters are commonly used to measure the flow rate of compressed natural gas (CNG) because of their high accuracy, reliability, and ability to handle the unique characteristics of CNG. CNG is a gas, not a liquid. It is made up of primarily methane, which is compressed to high pressures (usually between 2,900 and 3,600 psi) to reduce its volume and increase its energy density. This allows it to be stored and transported more efficiently. When used as a fuel, CNG is typically combusted in an engine, similar to how gasoline or diesel is used.
CNG is a high-pressure gas that is typically stored and transported in cylinders or pipelines. Coriolis flow meters are well-suited for measuring the flow of high-pressure gases because they are able to accurately measure the mass flow rate of a fluid or gas, regardless of changes in temperature or pressure. This is because Coriolis flow meters measure mass flow directly by detecting the deflection of a vibrating tube that is caused by the flow of fluid or gas.
CNG also has unique properties, such as its high density ( such as around  S.G. : 0.556 or 0.73 kg/cu.m )and low viscosity that can make it difficult to accurately measure using other types of flow meters. Coriolis flow meters are able to handle these properties because they are not affected by changes in fluid density or viscosity, also Coriolis mass flow meter can measure CNG density as well as mass flow and total flow;
CNG flow meter normally is not clean fluids, it could contain some dirty such as oil or water, However Coriolis flow meter can measure dirty fluids flow rate.
Overall, Coriolis flow meters are a reliable and accurate choice for measuring the flow of CNG, which is important for applications such as CNG  fueling stations, industrial processes, and transportation.

Specifications of CNG mass flow meter

When selecting a Coriolis flow meter for measuring compressed natural gas (CNG), there are several important specifications to consider. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind:
  • CNG pipeline size: we normally choose flow meter size according to the CNG pipeline size; there are many CNG mass flow sensors available: 1/2” CNG flow meter, 3/4 inch (ф 20 )mass flow meter for CNG, 1” CNG flow meter or DN25, 1-1/2” CNG flow measurement device, 2 inch or DN50 CNG flow meter, 3” Coriolis flow meter for CNG,4” compressed natural gas flow meter, 6” ,8 inch high pressure natural gas flow meter;
  • Flow rate range: The flow rate range of the Coriolis flow meter should be appropriate for the expected flow rates of CNG in your application, CNG flow range can be detected by mass flow meter: 0~0.67 kg/min, 0~100 kg/h, 0~7.35 lb/min, 0~1102 lb/h, 0~ 1 Mt/h, 0~3 ton/hour, 0~10 t/h, 0~0.33 t/min, 0~18.37 lb/s, 0~ 14 kg/s, 0~100 t/h, 0~2500 kg/min, 0~3333 kg/min, 0~400 Mt/h, 0~500 ton/h,etc.
  • Pressure rating: The pressure rating of the Coriolis flow meter should be able to handle the high pressures associated with CNG, typically between 2,900 and 3,600 psi high pressure CNG flow meter or we can go higher pressure such as 350 bar CNG, please specify the pressure rating when buy CNG high pressure mass flow meter.
  • Digital CNG mass flow meter: Coriolis flow meter has display to show CNG mass flow , density, totalized flow , also has 4-20mA ,pulse , RS485,MODBUS communication for remote control , option with HART protocol .
  • Temperature range: The temperature range of the Coriolis flow meter is suitable for the expected temperatures of CNG in the application, Coriolis flow meter can handle fluids temperature from -200 to 250 °C
  • Material of construction: The Coriolis flow meter is constructed from stainless steel 316L measuring tube materials that are compatible with CNG,
  • Accuracy: The Coriolis flow meter has a high degree of accuracy to ensure precise measurement of CNG flow rates, such as 0.25% to 0.5%, which is high accuracy flow meter among many kinds of flow meters.
  • Response time: The response time of the Coriolis flow meter is  fast enough to measure the rapidly changing flow rates of CNG.
  • Certification: The Coriolis flow meter is certified for use in measuring CNG, such as by the International Organization of ATEX to permit CNG used is hazardous area.
  • Low price CNG flow meter: Silver Automation Instruments sell low price Coriolis flow meter for CNG, the price starts from $3000.welcome to send your CNG flow meters specifications to us to choose a economical and reliable natural gas flow meter. Our email is :
By considering these specifications, you can select a Coriolis flow meter that is well-suited for measuring compressed natural gas CNG in your specific application.
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