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Vortex flow meter for natural gas

Vortex flow meter for natural gas

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What Is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a combination of gases that exist rich in hydrocarbons. Natural gases such as methane, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide also found in the air. Natural gas reserves are deep within the earth close to other rock-solid and fluid hydrocarbons beds similar to coal and pure oil. Natural gas is not in use in its clean form, but it is processed and transformed into cleaner oil for consumption. However, several by-products mined while processing natural gas, for instance, propane, ethane, butane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, among others that can be further recycled. Natural gas is mostly in use as oil for producing electricity and heat. Natural gas in crushed form is in use as oil for vehicles. Additionally, natural gas is used as oil for containers and air conditioners worldwide. Furthermore, Natural gas is used for the production of fertilizers and mostly ammonia.

Why Need Flow Meter to Measure?

A flow meter works by determining the quantity of a liquid, air, or vapor rolling over or about the flow meter devices. Flowmeter devices work in numerous means, then with a similar close aim. Flowmeter also proposes the utmost correct and repeatable current dimensions for a particular use, whether for procedure control, overall study actions. Flow meters ration both capacity and mass. The flow (Q) is equivalent to the cross-sectional area of the pipe (A) in a volumetric flow meter, then the velocity of the flowing fluid (v): Q = Av. The mass flow can be said in a mass flow meter as follows: = Q (wherever Q is the volumetric flow rate, and is the liquid density).

What Is Vortex Flow Meter?

A vortex flow meter is a flow dimension method best fit for flow measurements where the outline of moving parts presents difficulties. Vortex flow meters are existing in manufacturing marks, brass, or all plastic building. Nonetheless, feeling to differences in the method settings are low and with no moving parts have relatively little wear related to other forms of flow meters. Vortex flowmeters function below the vortex shedding standard, where the hesitating vortexes happen when a liquid such as water flows past a direct body. Also, the occurrence that the eddies shed depends on the size and shape of the figure. It is perfect for uses where low care costs are vital. The manufacturing size of vortex meters are tradition built and need suitable sizing for exact purposes.

Features of Vortex Flow Meter to Measure Natural Gas

  • ✔   Option with temperature and pressure compensation which can measure natural gas temperature, pressure and calculate natural gas standard flow
  • The vortex flow sensor for natural gas has no moving parts,
  • Digital Vortex flow transmitter can output 4-20mA current output or frequency output
  • Option with RS232 or Hart protocol
  • The determining factor has a simple structure, dependable act, and long package life.
  • The vortex flowmeter has a varied determining variety.
  • The turn down ratio can usually reach 1:10.
  • The volumetric flow measurement of the vortex flowmeter is not affected by natural gas limits such as temperature, pressure, density, or viscosity of the liquid measured.
  • It processes the flow of fluids, gases, or vapors, has very varied uses.
  • Low pressure loss
  • High accuracy for natural gas which is around 1.5%

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