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Natural gas turbine flow meter

natural gas turbine flow meter


Natural gas is a kind of high-quality energy and chemical raw material; we need precise metering for natural gas. The main component of natural gas is methane; Gas turbine flowmeter is a very good natural gas metering instruments. Gas turbine flow meters are suitable for non-corrosive gas measurements such as natural gas, propane, fuel gas and feed gas. The turbine meter measures volumetric flow based on gas turbine flowing passed a free-spinning rotor, with each revolution agreeing with a specific volume of gas or air.

Why we need temperature and pressure correction for natural gas flow meter ?

When the gas turbine flowmeter is measured in the pipeline, the density of natural gas varies with temperature and pressure. For accurate measurement, it is necessary to simultaneously track the temperature and pressure of natural gas, and convert the volume flow under different working conditions into a standard state or an agreed state volume flow. The gas turbine flowmeter can integrate temperature, pressure and flow sensors, and track and detect natural gas temperature and pressure and perform automatic compensation and compression factor correction calculation. Therefore, it has excellent low-pressure and high-pressure metering performance.


High precision, good repeatability, low pressure loss, good seismic performance
In-line volume flow meter
High quality bearings, low frictional resistance and good sealing
The gas turbine flow instrument has pulse signal and analog signal output, which can have RS485 communication interface
Low power consumption can be powered by internal battery, or external power supply;
With real-time data storage function, it can prevent data loss when battery is replaced or suddenly power-off
Gas turbine flow meter with explosion-proof
Low price cost gas flow meter

Technical Parameters

Medium: clean, no impurities, medium and low flow rate natural gas
Flow sensor range: 20mm (3/4 inch) ~ 400mm (16 inch)
Temperature pressure correction/compensation function can be selected
Process connection: threaded or flanged
Accuracy: ±1.5%R, ±1.0%R
Range ratio: 1:10~1:30
Working power supply: built-in lithium battery 3.6VDC, external 24VDC
Natural gas temperature: -20~60 °C,
Gas turbine material: Housing: 304 stainless steel, impeller: anti-corrosion ABS or aluminum alloy

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