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How to select a Turbine Flow Meter For Gas ?

Why Use Gas Turbine Flow Meters?

Gas turbine flow meter is mainly used to measure the flow rate of air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, natural gas and other gas in industrial pipelines. It is almost unaffected by the parameters of fluid density, pressure, temperature and viscosity when measuring the volume flow rate of working conditions. The gas turbine flow meter adopts piezoelectric stress gas flow sensor. It has high reliability, analog standard signal and digital pulse signal output. It is easy to be used with computer and other digital systems. It is an advanced and ideal gas flow meter.
Gas turbine flow meter

How to Select A Gas Turbine Flowmeter ?

Following points should be considered when selecting a proper type gas turbine flow meter.

1. Density of gases

For gas turbine flow transmitters, the influence of fluid property is mainly gas density. It has a great influence on meter coefficient and is mainly in low flow area. If the gas density changes frequently, corrective measures should be taken to the flow coefficient of the flow meter.

2. Gas Flow range

The choice of the flow range of turbine flow sensor has a great influence on its accuracy and service life, and each type of flow meter has a certain measurement range. The choice of the diameter of gas flow sensor is also determined by the flow range. For intermittent working occasions where the actual running time of the daily meter does not exceed 8 hours, 1.3 times of the maximum flow in actual use is selected as the upper limit of the flow range; for continuous working occasions where the actual running time of the daily meter is not less than 8 hours, 1.4 times of the maximum flow in actual use is selected as the upper limit of the flow range. The lower limit of the meter is suitable for 0.8 times the actual minimum flow.

3. Pressure loss

Try to choose a turbine flow meter with small pressure loss.

4. Accuracy level

The higher the better, the most important is to choose the right ones according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, the choice of Gas turbine flow transmitter is mainly based on its high accuracy. However, the higher the accuracy of the flow meter, the more sensitive to the changes in the field conditions, so the choice of the accuracy of the meter should be carefully considered from the economic point of view. For large diameter gas pipeline trade settlement instruments, more investment in instruments is cost-effective. For medium transportation level, the medium precision level can be selected.

5. Structure type

(1) the internal structure should be chosen by the backstepping turbine flow meter. Because the reverse thrust structure within a certain flow range can make the impeller in a floating state, there is no axial contact point, no end face friction and wear, can extend the service life of bearings.
(2) According to the type of pipeline connection, the flow meter has horizontal and vertical installation of two ways, horizontal installation and pipeline connection of flange connection, threaded connection and clamping connection. Medium diameter flange connection; small diameter and high pressure pipeline thread connection: clamping connection only applies to low pressure medium and small diameter; vertical installation only screw connection.
(3) Considering the environmental conditions, the influence of temperature and humidity should be considered. Natural gas flow metering should choose intrinsically safe explosion-proof turbine flow meter.

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