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8 inch Variable area flowmeter

8 inch Variable area flowmeter

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8 inch variable area flow meter refers to the flow sensor size 8” of variable area flow meter , or it is DN200 variable area flow meter ; we also call variable area flow meter as rotor meter, VA flow meter. Silver Automation Instruments supply metal tube variable area flow meter with robust construction.

8 inch metal tube rotor flowmeter is a kind of variable area flow instrument used in industrial automation process control.

8” Rotameter flow meter can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, and metal tube rotameter is especially suitable for medium flow measurement with low flow velocity and small flow rate.

DN200 variable area flow meter can be local indication of fluids flow rate without any power supply, it can also with 24V DC or 220V AC power supply to have totalized flow, 4-20mAoutput.

8 inch Variable area flowmeter material selection can be stainless steel 304, 316, 316L or PTFE lined to meet various kinds liquid measurement. Metal tube rotameter can measure clean liquid like drink water, RO water, fuel, diesel, organic solution or solvent or aggressive liquid such as sea water, acid, NaOH acid ,HCL .,etc. DN200 rotameter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile printing and dyeing, electric power and other industrial fields.

Specifications of 8 inch Variable area flowmeter

  • Flow sensor size: DN200, 200mm, 8 inches
  • Measurement range of 8” VA flowmeter: Water: 20-200 m3/h (88-880 GPM);Air: 0-8000Nm3/h at 0.1013Mpa, 20°C ;
  • Turn down ratio: 10:1
  • Accuracy of DN200 rotameter: 1.5%
  • Pressure loss: 7-70 Kpa (1-10 PSI)
  • Normal pressure rating for 8 INCH variable area flow meter: 16 bar
  • Fluids temperature range for 8” flow meter: standard max 200 °C; PTFE max 85°C, max can reach to 400 °C  (752°F), it can be made into high temperature type flow meter
  • Viscosity range for liquid detect: within 300 mPa.s , high viscosity liquid can be measured by 8”variable area flow meter
  • Power supply: Non power supply type, 24V DC, 220V AC or battery operated type rotameter
  • Output of variable area flow meter rotameter: 4-20mA (option)
  • Communication (option): RS485, MODBUS, HART
  • Low price cost from China variable area flow meter factory and manufacturer with price starts from $ 1600
  • Relay or alarm outputs options, upper or lower limit alarms
  • Protection level: IP65

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