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8” Gas turbine flow meter

8” Gas turbine flow meter

Gas turbine flowmeter is intended for volumetric flow rate measurement of natural gas, LPG, nitrogen, gas, biogas, air, etc.


High accuracy, good repeatability, low pressure loss and good anti-vibration performance;
The use of high-quality bearings, good sealing, long life;
Option with temperature and pressure compensation, can directly detect gas or air temperature and pressure value, also compensate and correct the gas
The gas measuring instrument has pulse signal and analog signal output, which can directly realize centralized collection and real-time management of computer data through RS485 communication interface;
Low power consumption can be powered by internal battery, but also external 24VDC power supply

8 Inch Gas turbine flow meter Technical Specifications

Medium: no impurities, no corrosive gases, natural gas, etc.
Gas Flow Meter Sensor: 8 inch,DN200
Accuracy: ±1.5%,
Repeatability: better than 0.1%
8” turbine Flow meter range: 80-1600 m3/h, 130-250 m3/h, 50-1000 m3/h
Display: Instant flow, total flow, temperature, pressure, battery capacity, etc.
Connection: flange connection, in-line gas turbine flow meter
Power supply: battery or external 24VDC power supply
Output: pulse signal output, 4-20mA output, RS485
Flow sensor housing material: stainless steel 304, rotor material is ABS
Protection level: IP65
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