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How to choose a gas turbine flow meter ?

Gas turbine flow meter can be used for gas measurement of natural gas, biogas, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. Gas turbine flowmeters are manufactured by Chinese manufacturers can have various outputs and communication, such as pulse and analog output, RS485 communication, etc., to meet various industrial control needs.

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To choose a gas turbine flow meter, please pay attention to the following points

1. Gas flow meter flow range:

The choice of gas turbine flow rate range has a great influence on its accuracy and service life, and each type of gas flowmeter has a certain measurement range. The gas flow sensor diameter is also selected by the flow range. The principle of selecting the flow range is that the minimum flow rate during use shall not be lower than the minimum flow rate allowed by the flow meter, and the maximum flow rate during use shall not be higher than the maximum flow rate allowed by the gas meter. For intermittent work where the actual running time of the gas flow instrument does not exceed 8 hours, select 1.3 times the maximum flow rate in actual use as the upper limit of the flow range.

2. Gas turbine flow meter Accuracy level:
Generally speaking, the choice of turbine flowmeter is mainly due to its high precision, but the higher the accuracy of the flowmeter, the more sensitive it is to the changes in the field conditions. Therefore, the accuracy of the flow sensor should be selected. Be cautious and should be considered from an economic perspective. For custody transfer instruments for large-diameter gas pipelines, it is cost-effective to invest more in the instrument, and for medium-precision levels where the delivery volume is not large.
3. Pressure loss:
Try to use a gas turbine flowmeter with low pressure loss. Because the smaller the pressure loss of the gas fluid through the turbine flow meter, the less energy the fluid consumes from the input to the output line, ie the total power required will be reduced, thereby saving energy, reducing transportation costs, and increasing utilization. .
4. Density of gas:
For gas turbine flowmeters, the influence of fluid properties is mainly the gas density, which has a great influence on the flow meter K-factor, and is mainly in the low flow area. If the gas density changes frequently, corrective measures should be taken for the flow coefficient of the flowmeter.
5. Gas turbine bearing materials:
The bearings of turbine flowmeters generally have three types of materials: tungsten carbide, polytetrafluoroethylene, and carbon graphite. Natural gas  flow metering bearings should be made of tungsten carbide.

Use and maintenance of gas turbine flow meters

In order to ensure the long-term normal operation of the gas turbine flowmeter, it is necessary to check the operation status of the flowmeter frequently, perform maintenance work, and find out problems in time.

1. Before installing the flow sensor, you need to set the flow meter factor in the digital display, properly wire, ensure good grounding, and then run the gas turbine flow meter.

2. Regularly clean, inspect and calibrate the gas turbine. Provide oil to some vertically installed gas turbine flowmeters, Please inject lubricant regularly to ensure good impeller operation.

3. Periodically clean the filter to ensure the filter is clean. If the filter is clogged, the gas flow will be reduced.

For custody transfer gas turbine flowmeters, periodic calibration is required to ensure accuracy. The filed should be equipped with on-line calibration equipment or equipped with a mobile calibration device. Although the investment is large at first, it is worth considering from the long-term economic benefits.
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