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  • Formation water level transmitterFormation water level transmitter2021/07/22Why need formation water level measurementFormation water, condensate refers to the general term for edge water and bottom water at the edges and bottom of the reservoir, interlayer water, and bound w...view
  • GWR level transmitterGWR level transmitter2021/07/07GWR level transmitter working principleGuided wave radar level transmitter uses guided wave radar (GWR) technology.The working principle of the GWR level transmitter is based on the time travel princi...view
  • Liquid level transmitterLiquid level transmitter2021/05/11What is liquid level transmitter?Liquid level transmitter is the development of pressure transmitter technology. Liquid level transmitter can be used to measure water, oil, fuel, gasoline, heavy oil, ...view
  • Industrial ultrasonic level sensorIndustrial ultrasonic level sensor2020/08/03What is industrial Ultrasonic level sensor?The industrial ultrasonic level sensor is alevel measurement instrument that measures the distance of objects in a solidand liquid medium. This ultrasonic le...view
  • Non Contact Liquid Level SensorsNon Contact Liquid Level Sensors2020/06/22Most conventional liquid sensors require beingin contact with liquids or fluids that are measured to establish reading ormeasurements. Such liquids like water may not pose a challenge when it comes to...view
  • Ultrasonic level sensor wastewaterUltrasonic level sensor wastewater2020/01/23view
  • Cheap level transmitterCheap level transmitter2019/09/11Silver Automation Instruments offer wide range selections for liquid and solids level measurement devices at affordable price cost. No matter standard configuration or customized level sensors, liquid...view
  • Ammonium nitrate(NH4NO3) level meterAmmonium nitrate(NH4NO3) level meter2019/05/17Medium being monitored: Ammonium nitrate + water solutionLevel instruments recommend: Guided wave Radar level gauge with rope probeReason to recommend: Ammonium nitrate water solution (NH4NO3) is a ki...view
  • Radar level transmitter for silo corn grainsRadar level transmitter for silo corn grains2019/05/14SKRD 92 series radar level instruments are for continuous level measurements,It can measure grains, sand, powder and so on.Radar Level meter technical Specifications:Application: Strong dew/dust/cryst...view
  • Liquid Sodium level transmitterLiquid Sodium level transmitter2019/05/07High Temperature Guided wave RADAR level transmitter for continuous Liquid sodium measurement in stainless steel tanks.Fluid/phase: Liquid SodiumNormal temperature: 30℃Maximum temperature (very high ...view
  • Rod type Radar Level Transmitter for lube oilRod type Radar Level Transmitter for lube oil2019/05/07Probe (Sensor): Rod Probe type radar level sensorService: Coal Mill Servo Gold 320 Lube OilSensor Rod Material: SS316 coated PTFEElectronic Housing: Die Cast Aluminum, IP-66Cable Entry: 1⁄2” NPT FPo...view
  • Liquid Level MeasurementLiquid Level Measurement2018/01/03The liquid level measurement is a pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. The input type level transmitter with static pressure (liquid-level gauge) is based on the principle that the static press...view
  • Water Level TransmitterWater Level Transmitter2018/01/03Water level transmitter is a kind of transmitter commonly used in the automation of water industry. It is widely used in the measurement and control of water level in industrial water treatment engine...view
  • Oil Level TransmitterOil Level Transmitter2018/01/03The oil level transmitter is a device that analyzes the the change of the capacitance between the sensor shell and inductive electrodes after the oil enters the container, and the change will be conve...view
  • Fuel Level Sensor/Oil Level TransmitterFuel Level Sensor/Oil Level Transmitter2018/01/03The principle of capacitive flue level sensor is the linear change of the capacitance generated by the entered liquid medium between positive and negative electrodes -- the capacitance change (the cha...view