Ultrasonic level transmitter

We are always doing our best to supply ultrasonic level transmitter at low price cost, robust quality and excellent performance from China ultrasonic level sensor manufacture. We sell separate or integrated digital display type ultrasonic level meter, the industrial ultrasonic level senser is submersible pressure transmitter for level measurement  and it has versatile outputs, 4-20mA current RS485 MODBUS,PROFIBUS-DP, alarm relay outputs .,etc.

Today, science and technology have invented innumerable methods for measuring fluid levels, from old to modern photoelectric, industrial ultrasonic level sensor, and radar level transmitter measuring instruments. Ultrasound is the sound that is above human hearing.

Ultrasonic level transmitter Principle

The principle of operation is that short ultrasonic pulses emit from the transmitter. Ultrasonic level detector uses sonic waves for measurement. Level measurement is also used in the ocean to find submarines below the water level. This measuring system operates on the principle of sound transmission signals and the expectation of getting an echo. It is installed on top of the container and is controlled by the electronics unit, half-filled with liquid. The probe emits a beam of ultrasonic pulses at the measured object. Ultrasonic level transmitter operates on the principle that sound waves are reflected on the object, and the probes receive partially reflected echoes, and they turn into electrical signals. The level must be converted to a signal. The result of the unit of measurement may be centimeters, feet, or inches. Change due to variation in air temperature can be a problem during ultrasonic liquid level measurement. The ultrasonic sensor is a major part of the instrument.


✔ Liquid or solids ultrasonic level measurement device, continuous level measurement
✔ Wide level range options and wide applications, such as water tank level sensor 
✔ Built-in ultrasonic level transmitter with temperature compensation
✔ IP67 Protection level 
✔ Low price cost and economical level measurement instruments
✔ No contact liquid or solids, ultrasonic sensors don’t have to touch the liquid or solids to measure it so the risk of sensor fouling or liquid contamination over time is eliminated

Ultrasonic level sensor advantages

 Ultrasonic sensors are the ideal solution for contactless level measurement in the industry. This sensor will convert electricity into ultrasonic waves using piezoelectric crystals. The level ultrasonic transmitter is the best measuring device where the received ultrasound response is the best. This measurement is unaffected by media properties, like dc value or density. The disadvantage of the fluid level sensor for the input type is that the measurement signal needs to be converted. Average temperatures above 75 degrees cannot be measured. The density of the measuring medium must be equal. This is a very reliable and cost-effective easy-to-install material level measuring instrument. Includes an LCD screen for display in Chinese and English. This transmitter is very easy to operate and very easy to adjust. Applications for ultrasonic level meters are such as ultrasonic level sensor wastewater, ultrasonic level sensor for solids, ultrasonic water level sensor, oil level measurement, ultrasonic level sensor for tanks.etc.

Ultrasonic level transmitter price

Measurements like this are pretty cheap because technology ultrasonic wave generation and detection are well developed. You can buy this transmitter for $ 360 - $ 900 / per set. This transmitter has a wide range. The maximum range can reach up to 40 m. It can measure high-speed or slope fluids levels. It can use in a car, a plane, ships at a fluid level. It has a solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability, and long life. This transmitter is easy to install and made of simple structure. It is very economical and durable. For this transmitter, you can get an 12-month warranty and long term free maintenance. This ultrasonic level indicator will allow you to easily commission, and observe. The ambient temperature of the device should be from 0 to 60 degrees and the ambient temperature for storage should not be high. This transmitter has impact resistance, resistance to electrostatic discharge, resistance to electromagnetic fields, and resistance to fast crossings. This transmitter is widely used in water, wastewater, petrochemical, medical, energy and food industries, liquid level monitoring, and open channel.
Ultrasonic level transmitter manufacturer
Top branded Ultrasonic level transmitters, such as  ultrasonic level transmitter endress hauser, ultrasonic level transmitter abb, ultrasonic level sensor siemens are obviously best quality ,also high price. Silver Automation Instruments can supply alternative or replacement at low cost 

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