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Utrasonic level sensor with remote indicator

Utrasonic level sensor with remote indicator

Remote indicator ultrasonic level sensor is suitable for the following situations:

①   Tanks, silos are too high to observe the fluids level value; remote ultrasonic level indicator can be installed at lower place which is easy to read the level.

②   Dangerous situations are not suitable for instrument engineer to observe the level, hence remote digital display can be placed in safe place to read the value.

③   The medium is strongly corrosive and harmful for instruments engineer to read the tank level closely, in this situation, separate electronic ultrasonic level indicator is needed.

Technical Specifications of remote display ultrasonic level transmitter

Fluids can be measured: Liquid or solids
Accuracy: 0.2% Full Span(In air)
Model of indication/ultrasonic level indicator :4 Digit LCD
Output Current: 4-20mA
Output Load: 0-500Ω
Serial communication:RS485(modbus standard protocol)
Band rate :19200/9600/4800
Relay quantitys:2 (high and low)
Relays data:5A 250VAC/30VDC
Output Resolution Ratio:0.03% full span
Parameter Set Up:3 induction buttons
Temperature Ranbe:-40℃~80℃
Temperature Compensasion:The whole range
Pressure RanBe:±0.1MPa(press denfinitely)
Power Supply:AC220V  ±20% 50mA
DC24V    ±10% 0.1A
Cable Fix: PG13.5
Measure Cycle:1 second
Crust Material: ABS
Sensor Material: PVC
Fix: Hang
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