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Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) Radar Level Transmitter

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) Radar Level Transmitter

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Sulfuric acid radar level meter is with PTFE(teflon) wet parts material also with strong pulse (26G Hz); it can have good performance of H2SO4 level measurement even with aggressive vapor in the closed storage tank. Non-contact radar type process level instruments are more preferred in corrosive fluids level measurement. Silver Automation Instruments supply low cost H2SO4 radar  level gauge with rugged constructions and reliable performance.

Technical details

Series: SKRD96 with integral digital display to show level also for easy parameter configuration
Max level range: 20m (65.62ft)
Operation: sulfuric acid storage tanks
Process connection: Flange, 2 inch , 3 inch , 4 inch , 6 inch size available
Process Pressure: -1~5 bar
Accuracy: ±3mm
Frequency range: 26GHz
Explosive rating: Exib IIC T6 Gb
Protection level: IP67
Output: 2 wire, 4~20mA current /Hart
Communication: RS485/MODBUS
Wet parts material: Teflon
Radar level display:
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