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Mineral insulated thermocouple

Mineral insulated thermocouple

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MI thermocouple refers to the insulation material and metal protective sheath are wrapped around the thermocouple. The function of the sheath is to protect the thermocouple wire, and add a protective layer on the outside of the thermocouple, such as stainless steel pipes to prevent acid and alkali environmental corrosion.

Mineral insulated thermocouples have many advantages such as flexibility, high voltage resistance, fast thermal response time, and durability.

MI thermocouple is a kind of most commonly used assembly of thermocouples in which metal coating of a thermocouple is done to provide protection to thermocouples from corrosion. This mineral coating enables high flexibility to thermocouples so they can be turned into different shapes. A MgO powder coating is included in this assembly. Mineral insulated thermocouple can bear a temperature of up to 1800 ° C nd thus they are used in furnaces, oven, and kilns, it can directly measure vapors, gas ,liquid or solid surface temperature.

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