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General Description of China thermocouples Development

Thermocouples are the most commonly used industrial temperature sensors. They are electrical circuits made of two different metals that are made according to the thermoelectric effect.

Growing Temperature Sensor Manufactures

The thermocouple indexing numbers are: K, E, J, T, S, R, B. More than 50 years ago, China made the first thermocouple. The thermocouple manufacturing process and technology are constantly being reformed and improved in practice to meet the growing level of industrial control and the growing demand for the market. At present, there are many varieties of thermocouples, which are suitable for various industrial control occasions. At present, the number of temperature sensor factories in China is huge. Each thermocouple thermal resistance manufacturer must not only guarantee the quality of temperature instruments, but also control the cost of products. The competition of instrument manufacturers is very fierce.


Where To Use Thermocouple?

Thermocouples are mainly used in the industrial industry to measure temperature on tanks, pipes, boilers and bearings. They mainly measure steam temperature, liquid temperature, gas temperature, equipment operating temperature, solid surface temperature and so on. The materials, process connections, lengths, and mounting methods of these thermocouples are all customized according to customer requirements, so the thermocouples are completely custom-made products. Thermocouples can not only measure low temperatures of around 100°, but also measure boiler temperatures of 1800°. It can be said that temperature sensors are widely needed in the industrial market. Each thermocouple thermal resistance manufacturer tries to improve the performance and service life of its own sensors while trying to reduce production costs.

3 Stages Thermocouple Development

The first generation of thermocouples, which were connected to the measuring end by two filaments, relied on air insulation. Later, the thermocouple developed into an assembled thermocouple with protective tubes, welded measuring ends and ceramic insulation.

The second-generation thermocouple uses magnesium oxide as the insulating material to process the filament, the insulating material and the metal tube into a tight pipe. The thermocouple is called an armored thermocouple. Armored thermocouples are more stable in quality and cheaper in price, and have a high market share.

The third generation of thermocouples is based on the second generation of thermocouples, improving the insulation material, thereby improving the performance of the thermocouple.

Since the first thermocouple was manufactured in China, it has been going through more than 50 years. After continuous technological innovation and practical use, and the improvement of industrial technology and market demand, the varieties of thermocouples are more and more, and the functions are also more. powerful.

Due to the fierce market competition, all kinds of thermocouple manufacturers not only need to improve the quality of products, but also need to continuously reduce the production cost of products. In this competitive atmosphere, how will the thermocouple industry develop?

As we all know, the common use of thermocouples is to measure the surface temperature of liquids, gases, vapors and solids. The different operating temperatures of the equipment also have different requirements for thermocouples. At present, thermocouples on the market are roughly classified into high, medium and low temperatures. Regardless of the type of thermocouple, manufacturers have the same goal, that is, good performance, long life, and low cost. This is also the demand of thermocouple users. For this reason, each thermocouple manufacturer will The development and production of thermocouples put forward new requirements.

For thermocouples, the performance is mainly reflected in three aspects, the first is the temperature range of the measured temperature, the second required response time, and the chemical resistance of the third material. The basis for judging these points is that the thermocouple is required not only to be precise, but also to further reduce the life expectancy caused by the use of the thermocouple. These aspects have not only become the main manifestation for judging the quality of thermocouples, but also the focus of thermocouple manufacturers to continuously improve.

More Rapid Developement of Thermocouple

Nowadays, the industry's functional requirements for instrumentation products are getting higher and higher, more and more precise, and single product applications can't meet a wide range of needs. Therefore, in the face of different fields of reference, thermocouples not only need to improve innovation, but also There is a need to continuously improve the variety of products to suit the different needs of different application areas. Today's thermocouple applications include industrial production, construction, petrochemicals, and CNC machine tools. In these fields, not only the thermocouple performance is required to be stable, but also products with long life, high precision, large measuring range and many functions are required. The development and production of such products not only represents the advancement of instrument technology, but also can be used for industrial production. More power and more rapid development of the industry.
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