Thermal mass flow meter for corrosive gas

Thermal mass flow meter for corrosive gas

Thermal mass flow meter with PTFE painting probe or ceramic probe is suitable for most gas flow rate measurement, especially suitable for aggressive or caustic gases, such as emission gas,HF gas, ammonia (NH3), H2S, SO2, emission gas, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, methylamine gas.,etc.
Teflon painting probe for corrosive or acid gas flow measurement
Ceramic probe for high temperature also corrosive gas flow measurement
No external temperature and pressure compensation/correction to get standard volumetric flow
Electronic output 4-20mA/pulse for remote system integration
Insertion probe or in-line type thermal mass flow meter
Digital display to show instant flow or totalized flow
Flow units available:
Instant flow units available :SCFM, g/min,g/s,Kg/min,Kg/h,Nm3/h,Nm3/min,NL/h,NL/min,
Total flow units available:CFM,g,Kg,Nm3,NL,
Can measure acid or aggressive gas at low pressure
Option with temperature indication, also temperature  indication or output
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