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4 channel paperless recorders

4 channel paperless recorders

What are 4 channel paperless recorders?

The paperless records collect data/calculated data in the internal storage system of the instrument on the basis of time, without consuming any commonly used recording facilities, such as paper, pen and ink. The stored data recorded in the instrument is displayed on the LCD screen after calculation and simulation. Paperless graphic recorder has many formats to display the data, such as, value display, bar graph display, curve display, history, alarm list, etc. The digital paperless recorder can accept universal signal inputs, such as the flow signal of the flow meter (4-20mA or frequency), the pressure signal of the pressure transmitter, the temperature signal of the thermal resistance (RTD) and the thermocouple, etc.

Signal types can be accepted by the 4 channels paperless graphic recorder

The data collected by paperless recorders can be: temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, voltage, current, humidity, frequency, vibration, speed, etc.
It can accept current 4-20mA or 10 mA, 1-5V voltage, 0-5V voltage, 0-10V voltage, 20mV voltage, 100mV voltage, 100Ω resistance, PT100, Cu50, Cu53, thermocouple S, thermocouple R, thermocouple B, thermocouple K, thermocouple J, thermocouple E, thermocouple N, frequency ,etc.

4 Channels paperless graphic recorder Technical Specification

  • Screen size: 3.5”, 5.6” or 10.4” options, color LCD display or monochrome screen
  • Touch screen 4 channels paperless graphic recorder option
  • Installation dimension: 160 x 80 mm, 144 x 144mm, 90x 90 mm options
  • Communication: RS485 , RS232 , E-thernet
  • Storage: SD Card, USB pen drive, 8GB
  • Options with alarm relay outputs
  • 24V DC or 220V AC power supply options

4 channel paperless recorder Price

The price of 4 channel paperless recorder is determined by many factors.
First is the brand and model. For example, Yokogawa paperless recorder, Honeywell paperless chart recorder, VR06 paperless recorder, FUJI paperless recorder, Brainchild paperless recorder, Endress Hauser paperless chart recorder, Omega paperless chart recorder, paperless recorder model GX10 etc, these brands are not cheap. SILVER is provided by the paperless recorder factory in China. The price is cheap. SILVER has 4 channel paperless recorders in stock. The shipment is very fast and the price is very low.
The price of the recorder is also related to the size of the screen. The larger the screen size, the more expensive it is. For example, a 10.4” color paperless recorder is much more expensive than 3.5” .
Color screens are more expensive than monochrome screens.
The price of the 4 channels paperless recorder is also related to the functions, such as Ethernet, touch screen paperless recorders, current output, relay output, SD card and other functions, all affect the price of the paperless recorder. The price of SILVER 4 channels recorder starts at $200.

Technical specifications Of Mono Color Paperless recorder

1. System : High Speed
2. Display section: Monochrome 3.5’’ LCD (320X200.)
3. External memory: USB Flash drive
4. Internal storage: Flash memory (8GB)
5. Recorder Power supply: 24 DC ( 22 to 26 V DC)
6. Communication media: RS 232 or RS 485
7. Output: Alarm output relay-2 NO contact
8. Recording: Graph / time stamping against H2S concentration
9. Programmable in PPM of H2S connection display
10. No of channels: 4
11. Alarm out: No/NC contact for each low and high
12. Alarm Display for low and high
13. 24 V DC power distribution to transmitter
14. Large capacity storage of flash memory to store hysterical data
15. Engineering quantity display 4 & 1/2(-9999~ 19999)
16. External micro printer connection provision
17. Tag display provision
18. Barograph display provision
19. Analog output : 4 to 20ma  750  ohms
20. Power consumption maximum of 10W
21. Dimensions 160 mm X 80mm (approx.)
22. Soft ware free of cost provided with recorder
23. Warranty 18 month from date of supply or 12 month from date of  installation
24. Universal input
25. Report accumulation. Transfer storage of hysterical data
26. Hardware real time clock in case of power failure.
27. Operating temp : 0-50 deg C     
28. Installation : Panel mounted – Accessories to be included in scope of supply
29. Vertical instrument panel, thickness of panel  1-5mm
30. AI board card
31. Resolution:  16 Bit
32. Sampling:  1 per sec
33. Alarm: 4 alarm can be set at most in each channel
34. Alarm Type : HH , H, L, LL

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