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Paperless Recorder 12 channels

  • Paperless Recorder (Analog/Digital)
  • Power Supply 240, 50Hz 
  • 12 Channels,
  • Data saving recording system
  • Input with all types of thermocouples with (RJC) 
  • Resistance Thermometer PT-100, CU-S3  
  • Wide range of DC voltages, Current Including   4 to 20mA
  • Skip Burn out & Square root extractions functions
  • Internal memory, Medium Flash memory, Capacity selectable 80MB or 120MB
  • External Storage Medium, Compact Flash memory card, ZIP disk (Disk Drive), USB
  • Recording Display Option, CF Card Memory Option
  • Panel Mount Type
  • Alarm unit for 12 channels configurable 
  • Analog/Digital daily periodic & List print display option
  • Communication RS232, RS485
  • Manual and Circuit diagram.  
  • Required for boiler and turbine control room and other usage
  • E-thernet function
  • Monochromatic and chromatic paperless graphic recorder

  • SX 5000 Paperless RecorderSX 5000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX5000 blue-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal inputs. 5.6" size.RS485 and USB interface .Get the price now.view
  • SX 6000 Paperless RecorderSX 6000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX6000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal input. 5.6" size .Chartless Recorder with RS485, USB,E-thernet options. Contact us for price.view
  • SX 8000 Paperless RecorderSX 8000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX8000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 40-channel universal inputs. 10.4" size. USB interface and RS485 options. Email us for the price.view
  • ST800 Paperless RecorderST800 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12ST800 color-screen paperless recorder has max 48-channel universal inputs.10.4" size. E-thernet,SD card, USB interface,RS485 functions options.view
  • Paperless Temperature Chart RecorderPaperless Temperature Chart Recorder2018/11/26Paperless temperature chart recorder can max have 16 channels of industrial temperature sensor inputs which is a kind of data acquisition device; it can record the temperature value from thermocouple or RTD.view
  • MS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation ControllerMS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller2017/08/14MS series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller design is unique in the system of intelligent and scalable and simple Touch Screen operation, through the hardware and software configuration ...view Protection Status