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Paperless Recorder 12 channels

  • Paperless Recorder (Analog/Digital)
  • Power Supply 240, 50Hz 
  • 12 Channels,
  • Data saving recording system
  • Input with all types of thermocouples with (RJC) 
  • Resistance Thermometer PT-100, CU-S3  
  • Wide range of DC voltages, Current Including   4 to 20mA
  • Skip Burn out & Square root extractions functions
  • Internal memory, Medium Flash memory, Capacity selectable 80MB or 120MB
  • External Storage Medium, Compact Flash memory card, ZIP disk (Disk Drive), USB
  • Recording Display Option, CF Card Memory Option
  • Panel Mount Type
  • Alarm unit for 12 channels configurable 
  • Analog/Digital daily periodic & List print display option
  • Communication RS232, RS485
  • Manual and Circuit diagram.  
  • Required for boiler and turbine control room and other usage
  • E-thernet function
  • Monochromatic and chromatic paperless graphic recorder

  • SX 5000 Paperless RecorderSX 5000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX5000 blue-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal inputs. 5.6" size.RS485 and USB interface .Get the price now.view
  • SX 6000 Paperless RecorderSX 6000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX6000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal input. 5.6" size .Chartless Recorder with RS485, USB,E-thernet options. Contact us for price.view
  • SX 8000 Paperless RecorderSX 8000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX8000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 40-channel universal inputs. 10.4" size. USB interface and RS485 options. Email us for the price.view
  • ST800 Paperless RecorderST800 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12ST800 color-screen paperless recorder has max 48-channel universal inputs.10.4" size. E-thernet,SD card, USB interface,RS485 functions options.view
  • Paperless Temperature Chart RecorderPaperless Temperature Chart Recorder2018/11/26Paperless temperature chart recorder can max have 16 channels of industrial temperature sensor inputs which is a kind of data acquisition device; it can record the temperature value from thermocouple or RTD.view
  • MS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation ControllerMS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller2017/08/14MS series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller design is unique in the system of intelligent and scalable and simple Touch Screen operation, through the hardware and software configuration ...view