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Graphic Paperless Process Recorders Functions

There are in all likelihood few amongst us who lengthy for the times while process recorders /data logger used paper. Video primarily based picture (additionally known as paperless) recorders, aside from being paperless, provide a huge variety of capability that enable the customer to show and deliver process info in something way is maximum useful for the application.

Functions of paperless recorder

Currently paperless graphic recorders record the sample at very high speed
Multiple channels (max 48 channels) with a variety of universal signal types, such as thermocouple, RTD, frequency, voltage and current
Large data storage through USB or SD card ample internal memory
Network communication, such as E-thernet, RS 485.,etc
Possible with alarm relay outputs
220V AC or 24V DC power supply
Buttons easy configurations
Custom display function

There are many choices and variants to suit every conceivable process control application. Share your data acquisition and process monitoring challenges with instrumentation specialists, leveraging your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop an effective solution.

  • ST800 Paperless RecorderST800 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12ST800 color-screen paperless recorder has max 48-channel universal inputs.10.4" size. E-thernet,SD card, USB interface,RS485 functions options.view
  • SX 8000 Paperless RecorderSX 8000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX8000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 40-channel universal inputs. 10.4" size. USB interface and RS485 options. Email us for the price.view
  • SX 6000 Paperless RecorderSX 6000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX6000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal input. 5.6" size .Chartless Recorder with RS485, USB,E-thernet options. Contact us for price.view
  • SX 5000 Paperless RecorderSX 5000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX5000 blue-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal inputs. 5.6" size.RS485 and USB interface .Get the price now.view
  • SX 2000 Paperless RecorderSX 2000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12Monochrome paperless recorder has 1-4 channel universal inputs.3.5 inch size. Low cost paperless graphic recorders. Get the Price now.view
  • SX 3000 Chart Recorder/Paper RecorderSX 3000 Chart Recorder/Paper Recorder2017/05/27Paper recorder is with max 8 channels inputs.Get the Price now from China paperless recorder manufacture in low price.view Protection Status