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Boiler thermocouples

Boiler thermocouples

  • Spring-loaded thermocouple

    Spring-loaded thermocouple

    Thermocouple comes up in varyingassemblies. One of these assemblies includes spring-loaded thermocouple. As thename indi...

  • High-temperature K type thermocouple

    High-temperature K type thermocouple

    This is a base metal thermocouple that canmeasure the high temperature of up to 1370C. These sensors are used mostly for...

A boiler is a device that maintains the temperature of water to a certain level. They serve this function by utilizing thermocouple thus called boiler thermocouples. These thermocouples are present in boilers that contain standard pilot mode. They are used commercially and industrially for providing water within a certain value of temperature. Therefore they are also used commonly in homes and offices.

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