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MS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller

MS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller

MS series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller design is unique in the system of intelligent and scalable and simple Touch Screen operation, through the hardware and software configuration for varies applications.




Ultra-thin design

Acrylic Panel

Modules design, easy for extensions

Rich Displays

TFE color LCD touch screen

Visual icons in Status Indicator bar



Analogue and Digital Input and Output

Flexible Configuration for input and output

Max 128 channels

Rich recorder contents

Applicable to varies application environment

SD card with huge internal storage



SD/ U disk double backup

Convenient configuration mode

Rich backup contents

Remote system update

Serial communication/E-thernet Communication

Direct output to micro printer


Easy to Review History Data

Select file to see history curve
Zoom history Trend
Quick search by setting time
 Select file to see history curve Zoom history Trend Quick search by setting time

Abundant Backup Contents


SD card can realize auto backup

At12:00 or record stopping, it will auto backup

Backup & Transferred Data

Transfer data through SD card or U Disk.

Through DMR PC software to analyse and save the data

Abundant Backup Contents

Convenient Configuration Mode

Configuration parameters can be exported to PC through SD card or U disk. You can save, edit configuration parameters through DMR PC software. After editing, you can import to MS controllers by U disk or SD card. This convenient configuration saves time.

Convenient Configuration Mode

Record Mode Applicable to Varies Application

Data Type
Real data, max data ,min data, average data can be selected
Record Trig Mode
No mater normal file with continuous recording or multi files batch recording,
it can have varies trig modes(Switch,power-on, manual, timing, alarm, relay)

 Data Type Record Trig Mode

Rich Displays

Digital rich dispalys Bar Rich Displays Trend Rich Displays
Function List Rich Displays Rich Displays File List Rich Displays Alarm Log
Function List
File list
Alarm Log

Report Function

MS80/70 provides the rich class report, hourly report, daily report, monthly report, annual report, etc. freely set report time, batch, etc. The report is exported in Excel file.

Report Function

Alarm Function
Alarm types: H Alarm, L alarm, I alarm, D alarm, Each channel can set 4 any kind alarm separately

Confirm to 21 CFR Part11 Standards
MS80/MS70 confirms to FDA regarding 21 CFR Part11 Standards

Rights assigned by Administrator, users need sign up, also we add the Electronic signature when operation. Audit track recording including system events (power-off, power-on, user locked, etc) and user events (user log out/sign up, edit configuration parameters, clear system data, modify password/reset password, register new user/delete users, etc)

Confirm to 21 CFR Part11 Standards

Print Function
MS70/80 can connect our dedicated micro printer to realize printing real time data automatically or manual printing history data, and history curve or accumulation report.

Print Function

MODBUS-RTU Communication
MS70/80 supports Modbus-RTU.

MODBUS-RTU Communication MS70/80 supports Modbus-RTU

MODBUS-TCP Communication.
MS70/80 supports E-thernet MODBUS-TCP, Client side can see and save MS70/80, max support 4 client sides.

MODBUS-TCP Communication

Remote System update
MS70/80 supports update system remotely

Remote System update
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