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Wiring Method of Color Paperless Recorder

SX6000 series color-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel inputs.Chartless Recorder can have RS485 Modbus RTU communication, and also alarm and 4-20mA output. Below is the method of paperless recorder wiring method.

color-screen paperless recorder

1. Connection of communication lines:

Connection of RS-485 communication line
Please use shielded twisted pair for RS485 communication line. The length of communication line must not exceed 1000 meters. In order to reduce the reflection and echo, the terminal matching resistance of 120 ohms must be added and the terminal matching resistance should be located at the farthest two ends of the RS485 communication line.
Connection of RS-232 communication line
RS232 communication interface is located on the back of the instrument. It can not only communicate with computers, but also communicate with external devices such as serial printers. The length of the communication line should not exceed 10 meters, usually within 3 meters.

2, power line connection:

The power supply of the paperless recorder is normal in the range of AC85~265V. N and L are connected to AC power supply on the power interface of the back panel of the instrument. GND (FG) is a protective ground. Connecting GND (FG) to the ground can effectively prevent static interference.
Connect the power supply to check whether the meter is normal. If abnormal, please do not connect the input signal line.
3, the connection of signal lines:
1) Thermal resistance wiring method: one end of resistance is connected with instrument channel D terminal, and the other two ends are connected with instrument channel B and C terminal.
2) thermocouple wiring method: the thermocouple is directly connected to the C terminal of the instrument channel, and the negative terminal is connected to the B terminal of the instrument channel.

3) Linear current 0-10 mA or 4-20 mA connection method: connect the standard resistor of 500 ohm or 250 ohm between the AB terminals of the instrument channel, so that the linear current is converted to linear voltage, and the remaining connection method is the same as linear voltage.
4) Linear voltage 0-5V or 1-5V connection method: voltage positive terminal instrumentation channel A terminal, negative terminal instrumentation channel B terminal.

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