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Paperless Recorder with E-thernet

Silver Automation Instruments provide cheap and qualified paperless recorders for years, the quality approves quite satisfying , and we still update our functions for the chartless recorders to meet customers developing demands. Below is the case which our customers need 4 channels paperless recorders, often quite interested in E-thernet Function, let’s see the case:
paperless recorders 4 channel

4 Channels Paperless Recorder Request

Now, I’m looking for a paperless recorder for receiving analog output 4-20 mA from flow meter, Voltage, RTD sensor or TC (thermocouple) industrial temperature sensor from instruments in process. We need 4 channels paperless recorders.
And the special thing is that our customer needs to observe the value directly to computer by using the online software. The distance between computer and the paperless recorder is 5 meters.
Also please inform us paperless recorder E-thernet function , how we use ?
I am quite interested in that update function.
Please advise the suitable paperless recorder models of this case as usual.

Select an Economical Type 4 Channel Paperless Recorder

Thanks for your information, for your special demand to connect paperless recorder to PC, you can use our RS485 communication, you can install our free software in your personal computer and view the data from the chartless recorders on line.
We recommend our SX2004 series paperless recorders to you, this series paperless recorder can max have 4 channels inputs, the recorder size is 3.5 inch, it is quite smart and save installation position, the best part is that it is really cheap paperless recorder.
.As an universal industrial data logger, it can receive universal signals such as current, voltage, resistance, RTD temperature sensor, thermocouple, frequency .,etc.
See below paperless recorder model we select for you:
Reference model selection table:
1-4 Channels Input Model Selection

Model Function
Code Specification Code Description
SX2001 Signal Input 1 channels*1
SX2002 Signal Input 2 channels *1
SX2003 Signal Input 3 channels *1
SX2004 Signal Input 4 channels *1
Function code R Record Function, Horizontal type
V Record Function, Vertical type

Additional Specification /T1 1 4-20mA output 1channel
/A□ 2 Normal open contact output relays 2 points
4 Normal open contact output relays 4 points
/C□ 2 RS232
3 RS485
4 Micro printer interface *2
/U USB interface
/L Accumulation/ report
/P1 24VDC power supply
/E Ethernet function

E-Thernet Function of Paperless Recorder

E-thernet function is the newly update function which our Research and Development Department pushes out,
See below picture where E-thernet port is
paperless recorders

How to use our E-thernet paperless recorder ?

1.Users need to input the communications configurations to configure the IP address and PORT,see below reference picture:

paperless recorders

2. Paperless Recorder connects pc through the Ethernet.
3. Users please install “data management software” in computer and open “data management software “(which is free software provided together with data logger when ordering) and then click the "Connect" button (see below picture where “3” points to pop up the “communication settings” dialog box, and set the parameters (see below picture, where 4&5 points) . Host computer, device IP address and transfer PORT must be consistent.
Then please Click "Enter" button, and then the “data management software”  start  connecting the instruments.

Wish this help you to understand better our E-THERNT Paperless recorder functions, if you need the price for the function, please do not hesitate to contact us. Currently , our SX2000,SX5000,SX6000 all have ethernt function available.
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