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Boiler feed water flow meter

We often use vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters to measure feed water volumetric flow rate. Because boiler water is at high temperature, while vortex flow meter and turbine flow meter can bear the high temperature boiler water.

Feed water is vital for boiler procedure, because boiler water is heated to vapor and spread inside the whole steam, it should be condensate water. As the water pass around the boiler, and the untreated water could harm the whole boiler system with the chemical properties, the feed water should be with low alkalinity, low conductivity.

Vortex flow meter for Feed water flow meter Features

  • ✔  Vortex shedding flow meter has wide range of applications, the flow of steam, gas, and liquid can be measured by using vortex flow meter.
  • ✔  simple and solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability and very reliable long-term operation for feed water flow measurement.
  • ✔  Simple installation and convenient maintenance
  • ✔  The detection vortex flow sensor does not directly contact the measured medium, and has stable performance and long life. The output is a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate, no zero drift, and high accuracy.
  • ✔  Wide measuring range and range ratio up to 1:10.
  • ✔  The pressure loss is small, the operating cost is low, and it is more energy-saving.
  • ✔  Within a certain Reynolds number range, the output signal frequency is not affected by fluid physical properties and component changes.
  • ✔  The vortex flow meter coefficient is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator.
  • ✔  No compensation is required when measuring the fluid volume flow.

Turbine Flow meter for Feed water flow meter

Turbine flowmeter is a type of speed flow meter. It has the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, high pressure resistance, wide measurement range, small size, light weight, small pressure loss, long life, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. It is used to measure the volume flow and accumulation of low viscosity, non-corrosive, clean liquid in closed pipelines, and it is also perfect choice for feed water flow measurement. Turbine flowmeter is the main type of speed type flowmeter. When the measured fluid flows through the turbine flowmeter sensor, the impeller is forced to rotate under the action of the fluid, and its speed is directly proportional to the average flow velocity of the pipeline.

Differential Pressure Flow meter for boiler water flow measurement

Differential pressure flow meter such as orifice plate flow meter, V-cone flow meter, and balanced flow meter also a choice for boiler feed water flow measurement solutions.

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