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Title: "Comprehensive Guide to Duct Air Flow Measurement with SRK-100 Series Thermal Dispersion Flow Meter"

Introduction to Duct Air Flow Measurement

Duct air flow measurement is a crucial aspect of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, ensuring efficient airflow and energy consumption. One of the standout solutions for this purpose is the SRK-100 series thermal dispersion flow meter. Tailored for large ducts, pipes, hoods, and stacks—regardless of their shapes—this flow meter is versatile, measuring various gases like vent gas, stack gas, or digester gas. Its applications are widespread in both industrial and commercial settings, focusing on optimizing air distribution systems.

Key Features of the Duct Air Flow Meter

  • Stainless steel flow meter: The flow meter is built with 316L wet parts material, providing durability and reliability even in challenging industrial environments.
  • No moving parts: This feature ensures longevity and stability in air flow measurement, making it suitable for extended use without maintenance concerns.
  • Thermal dissipation flow probe: The air flow meter probe accurately detects low air flow rates, demonstrating high precision even for micro air flow rates with swift responsiveness.
  • Wide detection range: The flow meter can detect a broad range of air velocities, allowing for a turn-down ratio of 1:100, covering flow rates from 0.5 to 120 Nm/s.
  • Temperature and pressure independence: The flow meter calculates air mass flow without the need for additional temperature and pressure sensors, providing readings in Nm3/h, SCFM, and SLM units.
  • Versatile installation: With options for insertion or inline air flow meter types, it suits various HVAC duct air flow measurement requirements.
  • Digital display: The meter comes with a digital display, offering real-time data on totalizing flow and instantaneous flow for efficient monitoring.
  • Stable performance: The duct-mounted air flow meter maintains zero shifting, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements over time.
  • Communication options: It supports RS-485 communication, with an additional option of HART for enhanced connectivity.
  • Robust design: The high temperature flow meter can withstand high air temperatures, with a maximum limit of 350℃, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications.
  • Power flexibility: The meter can operate on both 24VDC and 220VAC power supplies, adding to its adaptability.

Technical Specifications of the Duct Air Flow Meter

  • Thermal mass flow sensor sizes: Ranging from 3mm to 6000mm, commonly available in sizes such as 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches air flow meter.
  • Accuracy: Provides an accuracy of 1% reading ±0.5%F.S, ensuring precise measurements.
  • Air flow detection range: Covers a flow rate of 0.1-90m/s, catering to a wide spectrum of air flow velocities.
  • Process connection: Offers options for both insertion mass flow meter and inline type, enhancing installation convenience.
  • Explosion-proof grade: Designed with an explosion-proof grade of ExdⅡCT4, ensuring safety in potentially hazardous environments.


For reliable and precise duct air flow measurement, the SRK-100 series thermal dispersion flow meter stands as an exceptional choice. Its advanced features, broad detection range, and robust design make it a dependable tool in optimizing HVAC systems and enhancing energy efficiency. Invest in this low-price, high-performance duct air flow meter from a reputable China flow meter factory and experience enhanced air flow measurement for your applications.
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