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Air Flow Meters Applications

Equipping your systems with error-free air flow-meters is one of the most effective ways of regulating energy bills. The increase in the cost of power has made most plant managers keep in control of the systems that consume a lot of power. Some of the systems include blowers, compressors, and any other air system.

Gas and air leaks

Mass air flow meters systems make it easy to spot gas and air leaks on a system-wide-scale, which could be very costly if left unattended for quite some time. This is essential since leaks are one of the significant contributors to energy loss and, at times, may waste no more than 30 percent of output in standard cubic feet. In this case , air flow meter is essential for the air and gas leakage.

Role of injected air

Injection of air into the combustion process lowers the instability prompted by pressure oscillations and helps to minimize the emission of NOx. Air injection methods can result in improved performance through modification of the flame structure, which leads to reduced heat loss variations in combustors. It is essential to measure the flow of injected air to maintain a stable flow rate.

Water cooling system vs. heat cooling system

In some industrial applications, water cooling systems are taking the place of air-cooled heat exchange systems, particularly in areas where is inadequacy of water. When compared to water cooling systems, air cooling is less complex and more cost-effective. It’s essential to keep records of data airflow within the system as it helps to analyze the performance of the system and can even help in problem detection. Air flow transmitters can work on the applications.

Performance of the drying system

When it comes to the manufacturing of products that need spray coating or drying phases for powdered products, the accuracy of a product size or look can be affected by the performance of the drying system. The most commonly used systems are bed and drum dryers and need to be more accurate and repeatable for steady control of the drying process.

digital air flow meter

Motor cages

Pump station motor cages demand the removal of air to ensure there is no buildup of vapors. Silver brand thermal dispersion flow meters can keep track of airflow and help to identify interruptions that can interfere with the working of the system.

The accuracy and repeat-ability of Silver Thermal Flow Meters in the measurement of mass flow-rate, quick response, and low flow sensitivity make it perfect for air monitoring applications.

Applications used to monitor air flow.

Numerous applications can be used to monitor airflow. They include Ventilation, air injection, wastewater aeration, cooling air, seal airflow, leak detection, combustion air, among others.

The Silver Automation Instruments looks forward to designing and developing the most innovative and reputable thermal mass flow meter products to its customers. Silver Brand Thermal flow meters are designed to measure the rate of mass flow and can be obtained in both inline and insertion models.

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