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Ultra low flow meter

Ultra low flow meter

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    Micro flow meter liquid

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    Low flow gas flow meter

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What is ultra low flow meter?

An ultra-low flow meter is a type of flow meter designed specifically for measuring extremely low flow rates of liquids or gases. These meters are capable of accurately measuring flow rates in the range of Milliliter per minute (mL/min), g/h or gas around 2 SCCM.
Ultra-low flow meters employ various technologies to achieve accurate measurements at such low flow rates. Some common types of ultra-low flow meters include positive displacement flow meter for micro flow small thermal mass flow meter or mini Coriolis flow meter for ultra low flow meter.

Ultra low flow meter applications

Ultra-low flow meters are commonly used in applications where precise measurement of small volumes is critical. Some examples of applications where ultra-low flow meters are utilized include:
1. Pharmaceutical research and development: Low flow flow meter is used for precise dosing and dispensing of small amounts of drugs or chemicals.
2. Microfluidics: Micro flow meters are used in microfluidic systems for biomedical analysis, lab-on-a-chip devices, or microreactors.
3. Fuel cell testing: Ultra low flow meter is to measure the flow rates of reactant gases in fuel cell testing and research.
4. Environmental monitoring: For measuring low flow rates of gases in air quality monitoring systems or emissions testing.
5. Analytical instrumentation: Miniature flow meter is used in laboratory equipment for precise sample handling, such as chromatography systems or spectrometers.

Ultra Low mass flow meter- Small Coriolis flow meter

Coriolis Flow Meters: Coriolis meters can be designed to measure extremely low flow rates by utilizing highly sensitive sensors to detect the tiny deflections caused by the flow.
A small Coriolis flow meter refers to a compact-sized flow meter (the min size is around 150mm) based on the Coriolis principle. Coriolis flow meters measure the mass flow rate of a fluid by detecting the Coriolis forces generated when the fluid flows through a vibrating tube. The deflection of the tube is directly proportional to the mass flow rate, allowing for accurate measurement.

Features of Coriolis flow meter for ultras low flow measurement

  • Mini Coriolis flow meters still keep high accuracy 0.25% F.S in ultra low flow liquid measurement and 0.5% in small gas flow measurement, it is the best precision micro flow meter.
  • Turn Down ratio can be up to 100:1
  • Ultra small flow meter can detect low flow as low as 40 g/h;
  • Miniature flow meter sensor material: stainless steel 316L
  • Low range flow meter can measure 0~ 10 kg/h, 0~50 kg/h, 0~1 kg/min, 0~0.02 kg/s, 0~ 3.67 lb/min, 0~ 150 kg/h to max 0~ 1000 kg/h.
  • Ultra low flow mass flow meter or flow controller option, option with Integrated PID controller to regulate flow
  • Digital small flow meter with 0~5V DC, 4-20mA or 1-5V DC output; RS 485 or RS232, it is integrated electronics for easy integration into control systems
  • Micro mass flow meter can be made into high temperature small flow meter type which can bear max 150°C.
  • Low volume mass flow meters re designed to be lightweight, space-efficient, and easy to install in tight spaces or on portable systems.
  • Electrical Connection: DB9,RJ11, 5.5×2.1
  • Power supply: ±15VDC, 24VDC
  • Standard pressure rating is 435 psi, max pressure can be 100 bar.
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