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Low flow chemical flow meter

Low flow chemical flow meter

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    Micro low flow Coriolis flow meter

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What is low flow chemical flow meter?

How to measure low flow rates? Oval gear flowmeter is a kind of positive displacement flowmeter to measure microfluidic liquid flow. The measuring part of the oval gear flowmeter is mainly composed of two intermeshing oval gears and their outer casing (measuring chamber). The pressure difference between the oval gears in the measured liquid produces acting torque makes it rotate: oval gear flow meter can be used for precise continuous or intermittent measurement of chemical liquid flow or flow rate in pipelines. It is especially suitable for flow measurement of heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin and other high-viscosity media. At present, we develop PPS wetted sensor material oval gear flow meter to measure chemical liqud.LC-MP series micro flow meter is made with PPS material which can be used to measure corrosive liquid, such as liquid chemical, acids and alkalis. PPS ( Phenylenesulfide) has good heat resistance; similar like PTFE( Teflon) , it can be used as wet parts material with aggressive and corrosive liquid .It can be used to measure micro flow for hydrochloric acid ( HCL), sulfuric acid( H2SO4), sodium hydroxide( NaOH),water, chemical solution . Ultra low flow meter is widely used in hydraulic system, lubricating industry and painting industries for fluids low-flow rate measurement.

Low flow Chemical flow meter to name a few:

Antiscale flow meter,Sodium bisulphate ultra low flow meter, enzyme solution flow meter with ml/min flow units, hydrochloric acid flow meter (HCl), nitric acid flowmeter, hydrochloric acid flowmeter, water low flow meter,98% sulfuric acid flow meter, low flow rate sulphuric acid flowmeter ,Paint micro liquid flow meter , viscous glue flow meter ,adhesive ultra low flow meter ,resin flow sensor for high viscosity micro flow ,latex flow meter for high viscosity flow meter , ACETONE chemical flow meter ,Butyl acetate flow meter ,Ethyl acetate flow meter, iso-Propyl Alcohol flow meter , digital Toluene flow meter ,Xylene flow meter,B utyl Cellosolve flow indicator ,Methanol flow transmitter ,Methyl Isobutly Ketone flow meter ,Methyl Ethyl Ketone flow sensor , Polymers flow measurement , Paints and ink micro flow meter, Cosmetics microfluidic Flow Meter, Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOH)  flow meter, Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) flow sensor for corrosive liquid, Acrylic Acid flow converter, Alkaline Solution flow measurement, Sodium Hydroxide-flow metering device, Sodium Methylate flow sensors, Acetic Anhydride Dropwise flow meter , Thionyl Chloride flow transmitter, Crotonic Acid volumetric flow meter , hydrogen peroxide flow meter positive displacement type, sulfochloride flow sensor, nitric acid corrosive liquid flow controller, acetic anhydride flow totalizer , thionyl chloride ultra low flow measurement equipment , cocoyl chloride low flow rate meter , phosphoric acid flow gauge, acetic acid solution flow measurement , toluene ultras low flow meter , methanol flow meter.,etc

Low flow chemical flow meter specifications

  • Low flow chemical flow meter still has high accuracy: +/-0.5~1 FS
  • Shell and gear material of low flow sensor is PPS
  • Chemical fluids temperature: -30~80°C
  • Operation pressure of chemical liquid: max 0.8 Mpa, 116 PSI
  • Digital output from low flow chemical flow meter: Hall pulse output, NPN or PNP
  • Power supply: 5-26V DC
  • Process connection: Thread
  • Micro flow meter liquid: ml/min flow meter;

Low flow chemical flow meter flow range

  • LC-MP1 micro flow meter flow range: 1-100 ml/min
  • LC-MP2 chemical flow meter low flow range: 3-300 ml/min
  • LC-MP3 low flow chemical meter flow range: 5-500 ml/min
  • LC-MP4 micro flow meter ultras low flow range: 10-1000 ml/min
  • LC-MP5 very low flow flowmeter flow range: 50-5000 ml/min

Flow Curve & Pressure Drop of low flow chemcial flow meter

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