Pressure Measurement

We are also a pressure measuring instruments supplier.

We are an authorized distributor for XUDONG pressure gauge; XUDONG Factory was established in 1985 and dedicated to manufacturing industrial pressure gauges for years. They have a quality team to care the manufacture process; product quality is checked at each stage of fabricating. The company is especially good at manufacturing diaphragm seal pressure gauge with rugged construction and reliable performance. We do not only supply cheap pressure gauges but also reliable performance gauges. Custom pressure gauges for each purchase order according to different pressure range, dial size, material request and installation method. China Pressure Gauge manufacturer is always appreciated by customers with amazing delivery time, with huge and abundant manometers spare parts in stock we always ensure to deliver the pressure gauge meter in time. No mater our customer request glycerin filled pressure gauge, capsule low pressure gauge, sealed diaphragm pressure gauge,flush mount pressure gauges., etc, we can meet all our customers varies demands.

We also provide capacitance pressure transmitters and diffusive pressure gauges to meet demands of industrial pressure measurement. We provide Differential pressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure ranges as per customers’ request. Diaphragm seal and capillary type DP or pressure transmitters are often requested by our customers. Our pressure gauge has analog output, and option HART protocol.
Product Category

  • SH308-M series pressure transmitter
    SH308-M series pressure transmitter

    Signal Crystal Silicon Resonant Sensor;Digital pressure transducer;For Gauge pressure or absolute pressure ;High accuracy: 0.075%, 0.1%;Range: 0-40Mpa (5800 PSI...

  • Capacitance Pressure Transmitter
    Capacitance Pressure Transmitter

    Digital Capacitive Pressure Transducer;High accuracy 0.1%, 0.2%;Metal capacitive differential pressure sensor;Gauge Pressure, Differential Pressure, absolute pr...

  • Pressure and DP Transmitter with Flange Diaphragm
    Pressure and DP Transmitter with Flange Diaphragm

    Flange diaphragm Transmitter for pressure , level or DP;Digital pressure transmitters with LCD display;Digital flange type pressure transmitter using HART, 4-20...

  • Capacitive pressure sensor 3351
    Capacitive pressure sensor 3351

    Capacitive pressure sensor or differential pressure sensor 3351;Accuracy: ± 0.1%;0-40Mpa;

  • Differential Pressure Transmitters
    Differential Pressure Transmitters

    Monocrystalline silicion sensor;Differential pressure transducers;High accuracy: 0.075%, 0.1%;Range: 0-5800 PSI;Ingress Protection: IP67;

  • Pressure Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm seals
    Pressure Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm seals

    Remote diaphragm seals for corrosive or viscous fluids;Differential Pressure Transmitters or Pressure Transmitters;High accuracy ;Max range 2900 PSI;

  • Pressure Gauge
    Pressure Gauge

    We are distributor for Xudong Instruments Factory for industrial pressure gauges.XuDong Instruments Factory was established in 1985 and is a China pressure gaug...

  • SH316 Series Pressure Transducers
    SH316 Series Pressure Transducers

    Low cost Pressure transmitters;Silicon piezoresistive sensor;For gauge pressure, absolute pressure or negative pressure;Compact design;Pressure measurement Rang... Protection Status