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Thermocouples/thermowell assembly

Thermocouples/thermowell assembly

  • Thermowell


    A thermowell or thermocouple pocket is acylindrical device used for the protection of temperature sensors. Thesetemperat...

  • S type thermocouple

    S type thermocouple

    S-type (platinum-rhodium) thermocouple belongs to the class of noble metal thermocouples. The metals include platinumand...

Thermocouples are versatile industrial temperature sensors used for the temperature measurement .Their working principle is based on thermal electromotive phenomena. They are made of two different metals that produce an MV signal in accordance with the temperature changes. However, thermocouples are very rarely used in isolation. Industrial use of thermocouples for measurement of the temperature of matter like oil and gas and other media involves the assembly of thermocouples with thermowell. This is because thermocouples are sensitive to high pressure and other toxins of industry. The assembly of thermocouples with thermowell protects the sensors with minimal loss of temperature readings. An example of such an assembly is spring-loaded MgO thermocouple/ thermowell assembly. Threaded, Flanged and socket welded preparations of thermocouples are made for a temporary and permanent basis.

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