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Platinum-rhodium thermocouple assembly

Platinum-rhodium thermocouple assembly

  • J type thermocouple

    J type thermocouple

    Type J thermocouple is also a subtype ofbase metal thermocouple with iron-constantan as its constituents, is also acheap...

  • S type thermocouple

    S type thermocouple

    S-type (platinum-rhodium) thermocouple belongs to the class of noble metal thermocouples. The metals include platinumand...

It is an assembly of thermocouple in which the dissimilar metal wires are made up of platinum metal and rhodium metal respectively. It's a noble metal thermocouple that provides resistance from corrosion and oxidation in high-temperature conditions. Three preparations of this thermocouple are made that differ on the base of concentration of the metals. This includes type S, type R and type B PR thermocouples. All these types offer high stability and greater precision in temperature measurements. Platinum-rhodium thermocouple assembly can be used in vacuum conditions for a short time. They are widely used in refining, cosmetic and oil, and gas industries for temperature measurements.

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