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SHR-1100 (Simple) Single-Circuit Digital Display Controller

SHR-1100 (Simple) Single-Circuit Digital Display Controller

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Introduction of SHR-1100 (Simple) Single-Circuit Digital Display Controller

SHR-1100 (simple) single-circuit digital display controller provides easy operation with measurement precision of 0.3%; 7 types of dimensions available; double four-digit LED display, supporting thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage (extraction operation available), current (extraction operation available), and transducer input; applicable to measurement of industrial process quantifiers including temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, and humidity etc. Supporting 2-way alarm, 1-way control output or RS485 communication interface adopting standard MODBUS protocol, 1-way DC24V feed output; photoelectric isolation between input, output and power end; 100-240V AC/DC or 20-29V DC switch power supply; standard snap-in installation; operating temperature: 0-50℃, relative humidity: 5-85% RH without coagulation.

1. Profile of Display Panel

(1) PV Display (measured value)

PV Display: SHR-1100 (Simple) Single-Circuit Digital Display Controller

(2) SV Display

Display parameters like input type in measurement mode;

Display setting value in parameters setting mode;

(3) Primary alarm (AL1) and secondary alarm indication lamp, running lamp (RUN) and output lamp (OUT);

(4) Confirmation

(5) Shift

(6) Decrease

(7) Increase

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