Coriolis mass flow meter

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Coriolis mass flow meter has many obvious merits and has been successfully used in a lot crucial flow metering applications. It is operated on Coriolis effect principle, and can take mass flow measurement of liquid, gas, vapor, suspended liquid or mix gas .Silver Automation Instruments provide excellent quality Corolis meter at competitive price and fast delivery time.

Features of low cost mass flow meter

✔Indeed direct mass flow measurement of different kind’s fluids without any compensation
✔All wet parts material is 316L SST, stainless steel flow meter
✔High accuracy flow meter transmitter: 0.15%, 0.2%
✔Can have batch control functions
✔Measurement result is not affected by the fluids property, such as viscosity and density
✔High viscosity flow meter, such as Molasses, resin, honey,latex,bitumen and son on
✔Can get mass flow, density, fluids concentration, temp info by only one Coriolis sensor,coriolis meter density measurement
✔Low price cost from China Coriolis mass flow meter manufactures
✔Different Coriolis sensor ,from DN15 to DN200, such as 1 inch , 2 inch,4 inch in-line Coriolis flow meter
✔Rugged and reliable performance for heavy duty
✔Digital flow meter transmitter with various outputs and communication, such as 4-20mA current, frequency, RS485,HART Protocol
✔Different process connection available, such as flange, thread, tri-clamp for Sanitary and hygienic industry
✔Compact or remote type Coriolis mass flow transmitter
✔ Can be used to measure gas, Coriolis gas flow meter


Coriolis mass flowmeters are used in order to measure the force that results from the acceleration caused by moving mass away from rotation. A perfect example of this is when a child rides a merry go round. On the merry go round, the child leans into the center of the rotation in order to maintain their balance. Mass Flowmeter sensors use the same principal with fluid flowing in a full loop of flexible hose. This hose is swung back and forth in front with both hands. Fluid is then allowed to flow towards and away from he hands. This motion allows opposite forces to subsequently help the hose to twist.

This demonstration represents approximately 21% of all the flowmeters sold. Acoreolis flowmeterworks with vibration. The swinging of the tubes is generated by vibration. Flow Sensor are used with the Coriolis mass flowmeter in order to generate an accurate linear flow signal. These are two very important components for finding the linear flow signal.

Coriolis flow meter low price equivalent

SH-CMF series Coriolis mass flow meters are low price and rugged replacement for below top brands Flow meters,

  • Emerson, Micro Motion Coriolis low cost replacements
  • Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis mass flow meter Affordable equivalent
  • coriolis flow meter Endress Hauser (E+H) Inexpensive replacement
  • ABB Mass Flowmeter | Coriolis | Manufacturer | Supplier
  • YOKOGAWA , ROTAMASS cheap equivalent

Plusses/ Minuses

The technology of the coriolismass flow measurementhas very high reliability and accuracy rates. The Coriolis mass flowmeters can handle sanitary applications. The Coriolis mass flowmeter is also low maintenance which is a benefit. Mass flow is significantly more important compared to volume of of fluid when used for producing energy. Some examples of this are petroleum liquids and natural gasses. Natural gasses that are compressed and liquified apply to this, it can be used as CNG flow meter . The cost is relatively high. The cost can be especially high for mass flowmeters that are above four inches. Pressure drop can also be considered for tubes that are "U" shaped as well as fluids with high viscosity.

Low cost mass flow meter

Silver Automation Instruments sell low cost mass flow meter directly from mass flow meter China factory also with fast delivery time. Low cost mass flow meter is as low as 3000 USD dollars. The cheap mass flow meter is also with advanced technology also reliable performance.

Liquid mass flow meter

It directly measures the liquid mass flow.Carolis meter has been developed in a way that can measure the rate of flow. This gives it an advantage when measuring the mass flow of fluids. This makes it accurate also. This gives it the upper hand in the measuring of liquids. Mass flow is very reliable,this is because the mass flow meter has no obstruction on the flow of liquids,no moving parts inside the flow meter pipe. This makes it very reliable especially when compared with other meters.
Coriolis meter is one of the best digital flow meters especially in the measuring of the mass flow. It has great features that have been highlighted above which makes it super measures a variety of viscosity makes it very superb. This is a meter that I would strongly advise you to have it for yourself.

How to Use The Mass flow Meter

Coriolis mass flowmeters are primarily used for measuring liquids such as acids, chemicals, vapors and more. The intent of the mass flow meter is to accurately measure these above substances. Measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density. It is important to exercise caution when using mass flowmeters with gases as they tend to produce low flow ranges and can cause degraded accuracy. It is also important to note that vapor and gas applications can cause piping and pressure drops.

There are a few main purposes for flow meter coriolis type such as sanitary, relatively clean, cryogenic, corrosive liquids and vapors. Pipes smaller than 12 inches can accommodate these. Some of the most common general applications include wastewater, mineral processing, pulp, paper, power as well as petrochemical industries. Chemical feed systems use Coriolis mass flowmeters as well. The applications for this meter are used in industries that produce corrosive fluids that would present issue with measuring otherwise. This is very important to note as it ensures that the right tool is used for the purpose of accurately measuring. For viscous liquid , they have obvious advantages , such as asphalt, curde oil, honey,grease.,etc, it is a kind of high viscosity flow meter.

The Industries That Utilize The Flowmeter

The industries that utilize the Coriolis mass flowmeter are oil, gas, food, beverage, paper, pulp. pharmaceutical, mining, metals and wastewater. In addition to these main industries, there are also other ones that utilize the flowmeter to a lesser degree as well.

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