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Liquid Mass flow meter

Liquid Mass flow meter

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

    Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

    Coriolis Flow Meters for molasses,syrup,slurry,glucose,steam flow measurement.Buy China Coriolis meter in low price from...

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    Thermal mass flow meter

    We supply inline or insertion probe thermal dispersion flow meter for gas or air measurement. It is a perfect solution f...

Coriolis flow meter is suit the high accuracy mass flow measurement of liquid, such as crude oil,fuel, palm oil, syrup,water,molasses, chocolate, milk, asphalt, resin, polymer ,etc.

Difference between mass flow and volumetric flow

Mass flow meter and volumetric flow meter are two types of flows. It is a bit complex and might take you a while to differentiate them.  Mass flow is a type of measurement that measures the number of molecules that flows trough the measuring instrument. This does not follow up on the space these molecules occupy. This can also be termed as a standardized volumetric flow. When we look at the volumetric flow, this can be termed as the three-dimension space occupied by the fluid flowing through the instrument of measurements. This can be also termed as the actual flow rate. These two measurements should be in standard temperature and pressure.

Coriolis flow meter to be an accurate liquid mass flow meter

Coriolis meter was primarily made to suit the mass flow measurement. This means Coriolis flow is used to measure the mass flow of fluids.Some customers needs mass flow measurement for liquid such as palm oil, syrup,water to get more accurate measurement result , Coriolis meter is the best choice.

Features of Coriolis flow that makes it used in mass flow

Coriolis meter has a few features that enable it to be used to measure the mass flow. These features are very essential as they are the most important features for the performance of this meter. Below are some of its features.

Direct measurement of flow
Coriolis meter can instantly measure the fluids in the pipeline without any changes. Some meters convert the mass flow to the parameter which Coriolis meter does not. This makes it possible to measure the mass flow of fluids.

High accuracy
This is a meter that has been made in a way that has high accuracy. This is also accompanied by the ability to measure fluid flows with a high range of ability. It can also measure fluids with different viscosity making it suitable for mass measurements.
It can also measure liquid temperature and density as well.
No straight pipeline needed when installing the Coriolis mass flow meter

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