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Furnace thermocouple

Furnace thermocouple

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    Basic Type MI thermocoupleThermocouple with lead wireThermocouple with connection boxThermocouple with connection head/n...

  • High-temperature thermocouple

    High-temperature thermocouple

    Thermocouple that can measure the highrange of temperature up to 2000C is included in this category. Thesethermocouples ...

It is a device used that controls the opening and closing of the main gas line in the heating systems like gas heaters. A cylindrical or rod-shaped heat sensor is present below the pilot flame where it senses the flame and then sends the signals in the form of voltage to the main gas line for its opening or closing. Thus furnace thermocouple is an important part of home heaters that are necessary for the proper working of the heaters. Furnace thermocouple is next used next to the gas burners. In the absence of the thermocouple, the gas won’t find a way out to light up the burner.

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