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Basic Type MI thermocouple

Explosion Proof Thermocouple

Thermocouple with lead wire

Thermocouple with lead wire

Thermocouple with connection box

Thermocouple with connection box

Thermocouple with connection head/nipple

Thermocouple with connection head/nipple

Thermocouple with connection head/nipple/union

Thermocouple with connection head/nipple/union

Thermocouple with thermowell/Flange installed

Thermocouple with thermowell/Flange installed

Spring loaded Thermocouple with head/nipple

Spring loaded Thermocouple with head/nipple

Spring load Thermocouple with head/nipple/union

Spring loaded Thermocouple with head/nipple

Explosion Proof Thermocouple

Explosion Proof Thermocouple

Above are product samples, and all thermocouples are fabricated according to each customers’ different demands. Welcome to send inquiry or drawings to ask for the thermocouples price.

Sheathed Thermocouple Features

Mineral insulated thermocouple (sheathed thermocouple) has the following advantages over conventional protection tube or wire-insulator industrial thermocouple.

1. A wide application in temperature measurement

Small diameter thermocouple is very useful for the place where space is at premium. Mineral insulated thermocouple is resistant to high pressure and also used at wide range of temperature from-200°C to +1260 °C, we can make boiler thermocouple, furnace thermocouple, oil temperature sensor.,etc. high temperature thermocouple

2. Quick response

Sheathed thermocouples have small heat capacity due to the small sheath size; the small thermal mass is highly sensitive to change in temperature and gives a very fast response, for example, we make surface thermocouple.

3. Easily bent for installation

The ability to form mineral insulated thermocouple on a radius twice the sheath diameter makes for simple and on-the-spot installation into complex configurations.

4. Long life span

Contrary to conventional industrial thermocouples which suffer from deterioration of electromotive force or wire disconnection.etc. Sheathed thermocouple wires are insulated with chemically stable magnesium oxide. Thus assuring a longer service life.

5. Excellent mechanical strength and pressure resistance

The composite construction is resistant to extremely high vibration levels, and by choosing appropriate sheath material (such as ceramic thermocouple, platinum thermocouple), it is reliable to use in corrosive atmospheres and abnormally high or low temperatures. Though it has small diameter, it can withstand about 350Mpa at a temperature of 650 °C, it can work as high pressure thermocouple.

6. Custom sheath outer diameter available

Thermocouple Sheath outer diameter sizes between 0.25mm and 12.7mm can be provided.

7. Custom long length

Thermocouple probe Length are available up to a maximum of 400m. Maximum length of Thermocouple probe is dependent upon the sheath outer diameter. Please provide temperature sensor manufacturer for the length you need.

8. Compatible with special needs

We are a China temperature sensor manufacturer, and can correspond to various needs from customers.  Where to buy thermocouple and what is the cost of thermocouple? Here is the answer to you.

Measuring Junction Types




Applicable Sheath OD






Grounded thermocouple

1. Grounded thermocouple can withstand 350 Mpa or more.

2. Grounded thermocouple is not suitable fortemperature measurementlocation with electromagnetic induction on radio frequency interference.






Ungrounded thermocouple temperature element

1. Ungrounded thermocouple type has a slower response than the Grounded thermocouple but is more commonly used since ungrounded temperature probe isseparated with the medium.

2. Ungrounded thermocouple temperature element is covered with an insulatorthereby ensuring a long life span.





Ungrounded Separate

Ungrounded separate thermocouple

1. Ungrounded separate thermocouple is often used with thermocouple with 2 functions, such as indication and control purpose.

2. Ungrounded separate thermocouple has same features as ungrounded typethermocouple.






Exposed thermocouple

1. The element is exposed and the response time is fast.

2. Exposed thermocouple is suitable forgastemperature measurement.

3. This type is mechanically weaker than others.




Thermocouple Types






Pt-30Rh/ Pt-6Rh

Type B Thermocouplewhich combines a positive wire of a platinum-rhodium alloy containing 70% platinum and 30% rhodium with a negative wire of platinum rhodium containing 94% platinum and 6% rhodium.B typethermocouple probe is more resistant to heat and mechanical stress thantype Rthermocouple andwithstands 1800°C max. Other features are the same as those oftype R Thermocouple.



Type Rthermocouple which combines a positive wire of platinum and rhodium alloy containing 87% platinum and 13%rhodium with a negative wire of pure platinum.Type R thermocouple sensor is highlyaccurate, excellent in heat resistance and stability,temperature sensor probe R type generally used in oxidizingatmospheres,R typethermocouple is not recommended for use in reducing atmosphere or where metal vapors arepresent.



S typethermocouple which combines a positive wire of a platinum rhodium alloy containing 90% platinum and 10% rhodium with a negative wireof pure platinum.Other features oftype Sthermocouple probe are the same as those ofType Rthermocouple.



N typethermocouple is called Nicrosil (positive leg)/Nisil(negative leg) thermocouple, andtype N thermocouple composition and characteristics are very similar tothermocouple probe type k, it is an improved type of K typethermocouple and has more Si additive , higher heatresistance.


Ni-Cr/ Ni-Al

K typethermocouple which combines a positive wire of an alloyconsisting mainly of nickel and chromium with negative wire of an alloyconsisting mainly of nickel.K type temperature probe widely used for manyindustrial temperaturemeasurement applications is resistant to oxidizing atmosphere but not to reducingatmospheres.ThermocoupleK particularlyshould not be used in carbon monoxide, sulfurous acid gas or sulfur bearing hydrogen atmospheres.



E typethermocouple which combines a positive wire ofthermocouple K with anegative wire ofthermocouple J, Type Ethermocouple has a high thermal EMF and is suitable for use in oxidizingatmosphere.



J typethermocouple which combines a positive wire of iron is resistant in reducingatmosphere and is also resistant to hydrogen and carbon. HoweverJ thermocouple should not be used in atmosphere that will oxidize iron.Type Jthermocouple is relatively low in cost and often used for medium temperature range applications.



T typethermocouple which combines apositive wire of cooper with a negative wire of an alloy mainly of copper and nickel, High accuracy is obtained at under 300°C, andtype Tthermocouple is suitable for low temperature from -200°C~100°C, Tthermocouple probe is suitable for use in weakoxidizing and reducing atmosphere.


A thermocouple is a closed loop circuit that consists of two dissimilar metal wires welded together at both ends. When a temperature difference exists between the two junctions of industrial thermocouple, thermal electromotive force (EMF) is generated and an electric current flows in the closed circuit of temperature sensor. The direction and magnitude of the EMF generated depend upon the temperature of the two junctions and upon the materials making up the thermocouple sensor probe ,and are not affected by the size or length of the thermocouple wire, temperature can be measured by knowing beforehand the change of EMF per degree change of temperature for a certain thermocouple sensor. In selecting the right industrial thermocouples for your particular application, you should pick industrial temperature sensor   that is stable in performance over a long period of continuous use and which also meets your requirements are to temperature range, purpose, usage, accuracy needed,etc. Our standard thermocouples temperature probe include B type thermocouple, R type thermocouples, S type thermocouple, N type thermocouple, K type thermocouple (chromel alumel thermocouple), E type thermocouple, J type thermocouple  and T type thermocouple , temperature sensor manufacturer makes all of the temperature thermocouple conforms to the IEC. Also available are types W5Re/W26Re thermocouples .You can select the right thermocouple for your particular requirement from our product line. As a China temperature sensor manufacturer, we provide cheap temperature sensor, and all the industrial thermocouple is custom probes.

Mineral insulated thermocouple wires that are surrounded by a compacted mineral insulations (MgO) are contained in sheath such as stainless steel or heat resisting steel. On the basis of this mineral insulated construction, a wide variety of otherwise difficult applications are possible. Compared with general-purpose (protection tube types) thermocouples, sheathed thermocouple has many advantages.

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