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Chemical Flow Meter

Chemical flow meters are intended to measure non-corrosive or corrosive liquid and gas, for example pesticides, detergents, acid, solvents and so on. These instrumentations are sometimes needed to be operated in harsh environment.
Industries like refineries and petrochemical plants need to improve manufacture efficiency, decrease energy consumption and cost; chemical flow transmitters are paying an important role in these manufactures.

Aggressive chemical measurement-Magnetic flow meter or Variable area rotameter

By selecting suitable liner and electrodes material of mag meter, we can use it to measure corrosive chemical fluids, such as sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hydrochloric acid (HCl), brine, caustic soda .etc
Also we have PTFE (Teflon) lined digital rotameter for various aggressive fluids measurement.

Low corrosive, low viscous and clean liquid measurement –Turbine flow meter (TUF) flow meter

Liquid such as solvents, solutions, clean water, ethanol, diesel, DI water flow rate measurement, we can go for turbine flow meter which is a kind of low cost and compact design chemical flow sensor, it is volumetric flow meter.

Low flow rate flow meter- Rotameter

Rotameter can detect min flow rate,raotmeter is a kind of variable are flow meter, we supply metal tube type rotameter, it is in-line type flow indicator to provide the vivid flow measuring result, we also have transmitters with 4-20mA or pulse output for different control purpose.

High viscosity chemical flow meters – Coriolis flow meter and oval gear flow meter

Fluids like resin, glue, asphalt, molasses, we can choose coriolis meter or oval gear flow meter. Both of the flow sensors are bulky and rugged design, they have different outputs and protocols for the factory facility process control purpose.

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