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High Viscosity Flow Measurement is a Tough Job

When a flowmeter application involves the use of high viscosity liquid, the customer should pay attention to select an appropriate meter. Lots of different type flow meters cannot measure high viscosity fluid. SLW series TUF flow meters, orifice plate DP flow meters are velocity flow meter which requests a mini medium speed which vicious medium cannot provide. High viscosity fluids such as oil, asphalt/ bitumen, Fructose,molasses, honey, glucose, resin etc. are thick making them hard to pour and demanding additional power to pump, Low viscosity medium like pure water or milk are very thin and easily pumped. Measuring fluids flow rate with viscosities over 100 mpa.s demand consideration by those charged with designing, operating and maintaining the equipment.

Oval Gear Meter and Coriolis Meter For High Viscosity Fluids Measurement

Oval Gear flowmeters and Coriolis Mass Flow meter can be applied to high-viscosity liquids.Oval gear flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter; it can have good accuracy for vicious fluids measurement,for example for viscous  fructose syrup flow rate measurement . Coriolis flow meter has excellent performance in different kind’s medium measurement, and now is frequently requested by our customers. Mag flowmeter is possible to measure conductive medium that with high viscosity. As a practical matter, Electromagnetic flowmeter is not frequent used to high-viscosity liquids because most of such applications involve hydrocarbons fluids which with low conductive. Silver Automation Instruments is a  supplier for High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters from China manufactures,welcome to contact us to obtain the low price cost for these flow meters.

High viscosity flow meter-coriolis meter

Advantage for Coriolis Meter for high Viscosity Fluid

  • Currently the max flow viscosity we measure by Coriolis meter is 500,000 cp.
  • Our Coriolis meter now has many successful applications when measuring bitumen, molasses, Heavy crude oil flow rate and so on.
  • Direct mass flow and density, temperature measurements by only one sensor.
  • Can detect low flow rate.
  • Has high accuracy measurement value.
  • Not demand flow conditioning, not straight pipelines request when installation.

Disadvantage for Coriolis mass flow meter

  • It is vibration sensitive.
  • Cannot be used to measure strong corrosive medium
  • High Price cost
  • Cannot measure low density gas flow rate.
  • Pressure drop that rise sharply with viscosity

Oval Gear Meter For High Visocisty Liquids Measurement

Advantage of Oval gear flow meter for high viscosity fluid

  • It is designed primarily for use with higher-viscosity fluids, for flow metering of oils, petrol, diesel, syrups and fuels.
  • High accuracy results over a wide range of viscosities and can measure fluids with viscosity max 2,000 cp.
  • Low pressure drop
  • It can work without external power, just mechanical register to display instant flow and total flow , now currently Silver Automation Instruments develops gear flow meter with transmitters which has pulse or 4-20mA,HART,RS485 communication.
  • Lower Price cost with carbon steel material than Coriolis flow meter price
  • Simple to install, no straight pipeline needed, and the meter can be mounted in restricted areas.

Limitation of Gear Flowmeter

  • Poor choice for medium for water, because the carbon steel wet material can rusty, also an increase in fluid slippage.
  • The flow meter is really bully and heavy, increase a lot shipping charges when delivery
  • Relatively high price cost for large gear flow meter sizes for stainless steel material.
  • Not good for the multi-phase fluids flow measurement  such as  used as Refrigerant flow meter.
  • More moving parts needs maintenance compared ,it can be destroyed by flow surges and gas slugs

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