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Flow Meter

Palm oil flow meter

We supply mechanical or electronic type palm oil flow meter at low price cost and good quality. Palm oil is a kind of edible oil, so the flow meter should be stainless steel material, and the process connection should meet sanitary and hygienic demands. We often use liquid turbine flow meter (TUF flow meter), oval gear flow meter or Coriolis flow meter to measure the palm oil or crude palm oil flow rate. Silver Automation Instruments supply China made palm oil flow meter with fast delivery time and competitive price.

Features of palm oil flow meter

✔     Mechanical palm oil flow meter or digital type available
✔     Many flow  sensor size available, frequent demand size, 1.5" , 2", 2.5 inch, 3 inch , 4 inch palm oil flow meter
✔     All stainless steel flow meter used in food industry
✔     Tri-clamp process connection for easy install and cleaning
✔     In-line oil flow meter
✔     Can be palm oil flow meter with pulse output , or 4~20mA output.
✔     Various flow unit available for palm oil flow measurement, such as GPM, m3/h . kg/h and so on

Turbine flow meter for palm oil

It is economical solution, can be simple flow sensor type with simple pulse output, or with digital display to show instant flow rate. Turbine flow transmitter can be battery operated, or 24V DC power supply, it is widely used volumetric oil flow meter

Oval gear flow meter for palm oil

In-line type oval gear flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter; stainless steel oval gear flow meter can be costly and heavy. It can be made into mechanical pointer type oval gear flow meter without any power supply, or can be equipped with transmitter have pulse or 4-20mA output.

Coriolis flow meter for palm oil

It is direct mass flow meter and can have density, mass flow rate and fluids temperature value by only one sensor. High accuracy type flow meter which can reach to 0.1%~0.2%, can be used for custody transfer purpose.

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