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Palm oil flow meter

If you are in the business of processing palm oil and other such fluids (or you just need to measure fluids) you've come to the right place!
Here at Silver Automation Instruments Supply we understand your needs and we supply good, quality mechanical and electronic type
palm oil flow meters at low prices (so you don't have to break the bank). Because palm oil is edible, we know that it's important that
the edible oil flow meters be made from stainless steel material, and that the creation process should meet all required sanitary and hygienic
standards (and rest assured that they do).

Benefits to purchasing from Silver Automation Instruments Supply include:

✔   Mechanical or digital options so you can go with what's easier and more comfortable for you.
✔   Stainless steel options for food industry use.
✔   Tri-clamp process connection for easy installation and cleaning
✔   Many flow sizes available, including 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 4".
✔   Various flow units available such as GPM, m3/h, kg/h, etc..
✔   Fast delivery time and competitive prices.
✔   Our palm oil flow meters devices give a pulse output of 4~20mA.

We most commonly use liquid turbine flow meters (TUF flow meter), oval gear flow meters, and Coriolis flow meters to measure the palm
oil or crude palm oil flow rates. Let's explore these options:

Turbine flow meters to measure Palm Olein

Turbine flow meters are an economical solution with choices of either a simple pulse output or a display to show you instant flow rate.
These flow meters are available as battery operated or can have a 24V DC power supply. These palm oil flow transmitters are quite
commonly used for volumetric oil flow measurements. The turbine flow meter is the most popular choice because it is versatile,
easy to maintain, and very durable, with a wide range of application uses. These flow instruments work by using mechanical energy
to create a pinwheel in the flow stream. Blades located on a rotor are on an angle and transform energy from the stream into rotational
energy, and as the fluid moves faster, the rotor also spins faster. These rotations are either sensed magnetically by the movement of the
blades, or they can be detected mechanically by using externally located sensors, which pick up on the amount of pulses generated as the fluid moves.

Oval gear flow meter for palm oil flow measurement

Oval gear flow meters are stainless steel and thus can be heavy. They do cost a little bit more than other types of meters
though they are worth it.
Palm Olein flow meter
These meters are in-line type positive displacement flow meters and can be used as either a mechanical palm oil flow meter or
without any power supply, or they can be equipped with a flow transmitter which gives them a pulse rate of 4~20mA output. These oil
flow meters are made with oval-shaped gears inside that rotate. Fluid pressure causes them to rotate and trap a pocket of fluid between
the gear and it's outer housing, which then empties into the down-stream flow. There are magnets embedded in the rotors which then
actuate a reed switch or provide a pulse output as they rotate. Each pocket holds a precise amount of volume and measurements are
obtained by counting the frequency of
these pockets.

Coriolis flow meter for oil mass flow measurement

Coreolis flow meters are direct mass flow meters and they are able to measure density, fluid temperature, and mass flow rate. They feature
one sensor with a high accuracy reading of 0.1%-0.2%. These meters can be used for many, many different things such as oil, water, gas,
waste-water, chemical, life sciences, power, and food. They are also dual purpose in that they can measure temperature in addition to density.
Another cool feature of these meters is that they can measure the mass flow directly. These devices work by using motion mechanics.
Essentially, the fluid you are measuring moves through a vibrating tube which forces the fluid to accelerate as it heads towards the point of
peak amplitude vibration. Decelerating fluid then moves away from the point of peak amplitude and exits the tube, which then twists the tube
as it traverses each vibration cycle. These types of mass flow meters will provide you with the most accurate method of measurement because
mass is unaffected by changing fluid characteristics such as viscosity, temperature, pressure, gravity, and conductivity.

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