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  • High pressure Coriolis mass flow meterHigh pressure Coriolis mass flow meter2023/01/23Coriolis mass flow meter is a reliable flow meter for high pressure fluids measurement. The high pressure could reach to 70Mpa or even higher.Coriolis mass flowmeter is characterized by its ability to...view
  • Jacketed mass flowmeterJacketed mass flowmeter2022/11/30What is jacketed mass flowmeter ?Jacketed mass flow meter refer to the Coriolis mass flow meter with thermal jacket, the jacket can be injected steam, hot water, heat transfer oil or other heat preser...view
  • Thermal mass flow transmitterThermal mass flow transmitter2022/10/26Overview of Thermal mass flow transmitterThermal mass flow transmitter technology means Thermal gas flowmeters take gas measurement with digital transmitter. Thermal mass flow transmitter can directly...view
  • Thermal mass flow meter for natural gasThermal mass flow meter for natural gas2022/10/19Why need thermal mass flow meter for natural gas measurement?Thermal mass flow meter fully meets the requirements of natural gas measurement accuracy, and has small size, high reliability, and easy in...view
  • Micro Fuel Flow MeterMicro Fuel Flow Meter2022/10/10Micro fuel flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter. The small fuel flowmeter is a very characteristic flowmeter that can measure a variety of clean fuel, its measurement accuracy can ...view
  • 2“ natural gas meter2“ natural gas meter2022/09/02What is 2” natural gas meter?2” natural gas meter means 2 inch size or we can say DN50 flow meter to measure natural gas flow rate and total flow. Turbine flow meter is acknowledged a perfect flow m...view
  • Low flow water MeterLow flow water Meter2022/08/15Turbine flow meter for low flow water measurementWith the continuous progress of society and science and technology, more and more attention has been paid to flow measurement in various industrial sys...view
  • Juice flow meterJuice flow meter2022/07/20Juice concentrate (without solids) flow rate can be measures by turbine flow meter. Turbine flowmeter is a kind of metering instrument that can measure a variety of liquid with good stability and high...view
  • 22" mag flow meter2022/07/13Wide applications for magnetic flow metersWith the rapid development of world’s industry, the electrical measurement instrument engineering industry has gradually played an increasingly important rol...view
  • Exhaust air flow sensorExhaust air flow sensor2022/07/06Exhaust air flow sensor may be used for the fresh air, dirty air, mix gas flow measurement, and also could be used in large pipeline or ducts or chimneys, such as HVAC air flow measurement, flue gas f...view
  • Glucose Flow MeterGlucose Flow Meter2022/06/13Flowmeters for Glucose are neededGlucose is a kind of organic compound, molecular formula C6H12O6, Glucose is widely used in fermentation industry, food industry, and chemical industry. in the ferment...view
  • Magnetic flow meter for waterMagnetic flow meter for water2022/05/11What is magnetic flow meter for water?Electromagnetic flowmeter for water is an instrument that measures the volume flow of conductive water using Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The condu...view
  • Flow meter for effluent waterFlow meter for effluent water2022/05/06Flow meter for effluent water uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the wastewater flow in the pipeline, it is electromagnetic flow meter. All conductive liquids can be measured b...view
  • Industrial compressed air flow sensorIndustrial compressed air flow sensor2022/04/28Why you need an industrial air flow meter?As a power source, compressed air has the characteristics of safety and continuity, and it has been widely used in chemical, electric power and other industri...view
  • Low flow fuel flow meterLow flow fuel flow meter2022/04/18How low flow fuel flow meter work?Fuels, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, bio-diesel, kerosene, and ethanol may run at low flow rate. Such as at ml/min or lph velocity, in that condition, ultra low flow...view Protection Status