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  • 1010" Coriolis flow meter2023/04/12What is 10" Coriolis flow meter ?A 10" Coriolis flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the mass flow rate of fluids with nominal diameter 10” (250mm). It is named after the Coriolis Effect,...view
  • CNG mass flow meterCNG mass flow meter2023/04/07Why use Coriolis flow meter to measure CNG mass flow?Coriolis flow meters are commonly used to measure the flow rate of compressed natural gas (CNG) because of their high accuracy, reliability, and ab...view
  • Steam Mass Flow MeterSteam Mass Flow Meter2023/04/06What is steam mass flow meter?Steam mass flow measurement can be achieved by Coriolis mass flow meter or vortex flow meters or other DP flow meters. We here introduce vortex flow meters to measure ste...view
  • Crude Oil Flow MeterCrude Oil Flow Meter2023/03/21What is crude oil flow meter?A crude oil flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of crude oil in pipelines or other transportation systems. The flow meter works by measuring the volume or...view
  • Lecithin Flow meterLecithin Flow meter2023/03/16What is lecithin? And why need lecithin flow measurement?Lecithin is a fatty substance that is naturally found in many foods, such as egg yolks, soybeans, and sunflower seeds. It is composed of phosph...view
  • Gelatin flow meterGelatin flow meter2023/03/15What is gelatin solution and why is hard to do flow measurement?Gelatin solution is a liquid mixture made by dissolving gelatin in hot water. Gelatin is a protein derived from collagen, a natural subs...view
  • Thermal mass air flow meterThermal mass air flow meter2023/03/07Thermal Mass Flowmeters (TMF for short), originated in the United States,are generally used in gas and air measurement in environments with highaccuracy requirements, trade settlement, or difficult-to...view
  • Fuel Oil Mass Flow MeterFuel Oil Mass Flow Meter2023/03/02What is fuel oil mass flow meter?A fuel oil mass flow meter is a type of flow meter that is specifically designed to measure the mass flow rate of fuel oil in a pipeline or process system. It is commo...view
  • 66" Coriolis flow meter2023/02/22What is 6” coriolis flow meter?6”Coriolis flow meter means a type of flow meter that 6 “, 6 inches or NB150, DN150 in diameter and uses the Coriolis principle to measure the mass flow rate of fluid...view
  • Wort flow meterWort flow meter2023/02/19Turbine flow meter to measure wort flowWort is malt juice filtered after mashing. The main ingredients are water, maltose, etc. wart is mainly for making beer. Wort flow measurement is needed in many ...view
  • Paste FlowmeterPaste Flowmeter2023/02/15What is paste flow meter ?We often encounter the flow measurement of paste, such as Ketchup flow meter, jam sauce flowmeter, peanut butter flow transmitter, fruit paste flow measuring element, honey f...view
  • High pressure Coriolis mass flow meterHigh pressure Coriolis mass flow meter2023/02/03Coriolis mass flow meter is a reliable flow meter for high pressure fluids measurement. The high pressure could reach to 70Mpa or even higher.Coriolis mass flowmeter is characterized by its ability to...view
  • Jacketed mass flowmeterJacketed mass flowmeter2022/11/30What is jacketed mass flowmeter ?Jacketed mass flow meter refer to the Coriolis mass flow meter with thermal jacket, the jacket can be injected steam, hot water, heat transfer oil or other heat preser...view
  • Thermal mass flow transmitterThermal mass flow transmitter2022/10/26Overview of Thermal mass flow transmitterThermal mass flow transmitter technology means Thermal gas flowmeters take gas measurement with digital transmitter. Thermal mass flow transmitter can directly...view
  • Thermal mass flow meter for natural gasThermal mass flow meter for natural gas2022/10/19Why need thermal mass flow meter for natural gas measurement?Thermal mass flow meter fully meets the requirements of natural gas measurement accuracy, and has small size, high reliability, and easy in...view Protection Status