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  • Air flow meter with digital displayAir flow meter with digital display2023/08/04An air flow meter with a digital display is a device used to measure the flow rate of air in a system and provides the measurement results through a digital display, the display information including air flow rate ,flow velocity and air total flow .view
  • Diesel Flow Meter 3 InchDiesel Flow Meter 3 Inch2023/07/24diesel flow meter 3 inch is the flow meter is designed to be used with pipes or hoses that have a diameter of 3 inches (DN80) for diesel measurement.view
  • 44" Coriolis flow meter2023/07/20A 4-inch Coriolis flow meter refers to a type of Coriolis flow meter with a 4-inch nominal pipe size (NPS) or we also say DN100 Corolis flow meter.view
  • Gas flow meter ml/minGas flow meter ml/min2023/07/14We supply ultra low flow gas flow meter can detect air, Hydrogen,mix gas, biogas, CO2, N2, oxygen gas at very small flow rate even with around 2 ml/min.view
  • Coriolis mass flow controllerCoriolis mass flow controller2023/07/13Low flow Coriolis mass flow controller (MFC) adopts PID algorithm to control the solenoid valve, and accurately and quickly controls the mass flow rate of the fluid with low flow rate.view
  • LC-M Series positive displacement flow meterLC-M Series positive displacement flow meter2023/06/20LC-M series meter is positive displacement meter for liquids; it is a kind of bulk fuel flow meters. They are designed for bulk liquid metering both in transfer and process control applications; it is...view
  • Non invasive water flow meterNon invasive water flow meter2023/06/15Non invasive water flow meter developmentNon invasive water flow meter is using ultrasonic flow measurement technology; the flow meter transducers are often clamp on types without intrusive to the wat...view
  • 44" Electromagnetic flow meter2023/06/08What is 4" electromagnetic flow meter?A 4" electromagnetic flow meter refers to an electromagnetic flow meter with a pipe size or diameter of 4 inches (DN100). Electromagnetic flow meters, also known ...view
  • Ultra low flow meterUltra low flow meter2023/06/07What is ultra low flow meter?An ultra-low flow meter is a type of flow meter designed specifically for measuring extremely low flow rates of liquids or gases. These meters are capable of accurately me...view
  • Low flow gas flow meterLow flow gas flow meter2023/06/07Low flow gas flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of gas at relatively low flow rates which could be as low as 2 SCCM or 2 ml/min at standard condition....view
  • 22" Inline Oil Flow Meter2023/06/06A 2-inch inline oil flow meter refers to a flow meter designed to measure the flow rate of oil in a 2-inch (DN50) diameter pipe or conduit. Inline flow meters are installed directly in the pipeline, a...view
  • 3”Coriolis flow meter3”Coriolis flow meter2023/06/05What is 3”Coriolis flow meter?A 3-inch Coriolis flow meter refers to a type of flow meter that utilizes the Coriolis Effect to measure the flow rate of a fluid. The "3-inch" specification refers to t...view
  • Flow Meter for Polyurethane Foam MachineFlow Meter for Polyurethane Foam Machine2023/06/05High pressure, high viscosity, and small flow rate flow meters are applied to polyurethane foaming machines, PU foam dosing unit.On the polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine, it is necessary to d...view
  • Negative Pressure Flow meterNegative Pressure Flow meter2023/06/05Negative Pressure Flow meterThermal mass flow meter can work on negative pressure in the pipeline, when flow meter is installed at the suction side of the super charger or pump, the pressure inside th...view
  • 1010" Coriolis flow meter2023/04/12What is 10" Coriolis flow meter ?A 10" Coriolis flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the mass flow rate of fluids with nominal diameter 10” (250mm). It is named after the Coriolis Effect,...view Protection Status