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4 inch steam flow meter

4 inch steam flow meter

  • Vortex steam flow meter

    Vortex steam flow meter

    Vortex flow meters are not affected by either temperature or pressure and can provide four process measurements (mass fl...

  • 4 inch coriolis flow meter

    4 inch coriolis flow meter

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What is 4 inch steam flow meter ?

4 inch steam flow meters means the 4 inch dia flow meter to measure steam flow rate, normally it is steam mass flow rate , the flow unit normally be kg/h or Ton/Hr. 4 inch dia is DN100 steam flow meter.

4” steam flow meter types

Steam flow measurement is not a simple job, because the temperature of the steam is relatively high, usually around 120-200 degrees Celsius ( 248℉ ~392℉), and the vapor operation pressure is relatively high. For example, the operating temperature of the steam flow meter will be 100-240 PSIG and so on. The harsh operation conditions limit the use of many flowmeter technologies. For example, 4 inch turbine flowmeters cannot measure steam, and electromagnetic flowmeters cannot measure steam, either.
By using different measurement techniques, there are different steam flow meters. The direct measurement of the steam mass flow meter is a 4 inch Coriolis mass flow meter, but the price is not cheap.
We have many different kinds 4" differential pressure flow meters ( DN100 DP flow meter )to measure steam flow. 4" differential pressure is the primary flow element and differential pressure transmitter or multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter, such as 4" orifice flowmeter, 4" V-cone flowmeter Meter, 4" long radius nozzle flow meter measures high-temperature superheated steam, saturated steam, etc.
4” VA (Variable area flow meter), Rotameter, is a kind of steam flow indicator, which is a traditional measuring device for measuring the volume flow of steam. Now there is a rotameter transmitter, which can transmit the instantaneous flow of the output steam, and the LCD display can display the flow rate and total flow. The total flow of steam can be installed not only vertically, but also horizontally.
The 4 inch vortex steam flow meter is cheaper and more convenient device for steam measurement. The vortex measures the volume flow of steam, by built-in temperature and pressure sensor, we can also measure vapor temperature and pressure information, and the vortex flow transmitter can calculate the steam mass flow value.

4” vortex steam flow meter parameters

  • Vortex flow meter has Low pressure loss and high accuracy, the accuracy for steam measurement is 1.5%
  • Flow range for 4” steam flow meter: 130 -1100 m3/h, for mass flow, different operation pressure has different mass flow rate:
  • Below is the reference table for saturated steam mass flow range at different pressure:

5 bar

6 bar

7 bar

8 bar

9 bar

10 bar

11 bar

12 bar

4 inch

0.25-3.96 t/h








0.36-8.26 t/h

Pressure list above is vapor gauge pressure
  • Process connection: wafer, flanged end connection, insertion steam flow meter
  • Pressure rating for 4 inch steam flow meter: 150LB, 300LB, 600LB,900LB, 1500LB, PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64 , PN100, JIS 10K, JIS 20K.,
  • Power supply: lithium battery operated 4 inch dia steam flow meter or 24V DC power supply
  • Max steam temperature: 350 °C
  • Output: 4-20mA current output, pulse, MODBUS or HART Protocol
  • Protection level: IP65
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