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4 inch coriolis flow meter

4 inch coriolis flow meter

4 inch size Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is operated with Coriolis Force Principle. 4” Coriolis flow sensor is relative large size, and the flow meter is really bulky. It is widely used for accurate mass flow measurements of liquid, mass and vapor. But it is perfect choice for tough and challenging fluids measurement in high accuracy, such as high viscosity fluids molasses, glucose, syrup, tar, honey, grease, raw material,heavy oil .,etc. Silver Automation Instruments sell 4” Coriolis flow meter from China coriolis flow meter manufacturers at competitive low price and robust quality.

Specifications of 4 inch size Coriolis flow meter

Capable of measure media mass flow rate, temperature, density and concentration
DN100 Coriolis flow meter flow range: 0~150 Ton/hour
Operation pressure: 16bar (standard), 25 bar, 40 bar.,etc
4” Coriolis flow meter operation temperature: (-50~350℃)
Output: 4-20mA,0~20KHZ frequency,0-5V voltage
Communication: RS 485 or Hart Protocol
High accuracy flow meter: 0.2%,0.15%,0.1%
Power supply: 24V DC or 220 VAC
Process connection: Flange
✔    Gross weight for 4 inch Coriolis flow meter: 64 kg, and packing box size 1160× 775 ×340 mm

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