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Asphalt /bitumen flow meter

Asphalt /bitumen flow meter

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Asphalt flow measurement is always a technical problem because of the high viscosity and poor fluidity. The operation temperature of the pipeline liquid asphalt is usually around 200 ° C(392℉). Although the bitumen temperature is very high, the viscosity is still large, and the medium contains a small amount of solid particulate impurities. Conventional liquid flow meters are difficult to meet their bitumen flow measurement requirements. However in-line Coriolis flow meter is a perfect choice for the asphalt /bitumen flow measurement.


✔  High accuracy flow meter with high accuracy: 0.1~0.2 %
✔   Large turn down ratio
✔   Coriolis sensor available from DN6 to DN200, normal order size 1/2”,3/4 inch, 1 inch, 8 inch
✔   Multi-variable parameters measurement, it can measure mass flow, volumetric, asphalt density, also concentration.
✔   Can measure mix fluids, such as liquid mix gas fluids.
✔   Available with batch control Coriolis meter
✔   Digital flow meter ,option with HART,MODBUS RTU
✔   High viscosity flow meter
✔   Coriolis flow transmitter with an easy to use interface
✔   All stainless steel flow meter

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