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Coriolis Flow meter price Cost

Silver Automation Instruments sell low cost Coriolis flow meter directly from reliable China coriolis flow meter manufacturers , the price starts from $ 2900 . please email us ( ) ,tell us your flow meter size , we can send you the price to you. 

Coriolis flow meters are developing fast in recently years due to their prominent advantages.

  • High accuracy
  • Multi-parameters measurement by only one flow sensor (Temp, density, mass flow rate)
  • Multi-phase medium measurement, such as liquid mix gas medium measurement
  • Perfect Choice for high viscosity fluids measurement, such as resin, bitumen
Users are more interested in knowing the price cost of coriolis flow meters, below we list some factors which affect the coriolis meter price cost.

Factors affect Coriolis flow meter price

1.Flow meter manufacture origin and brand

Coriolis flow meter is quite expensive, especially for top brand, such as Rosemount and Kronhe.,etc. However as China made coriolis meter is also developing the technology all the time, some manufactures are approved to be able to manufacture stable quality coriolis meter, also the price is much cheaper, more and more customers like to buy China made Coriolis flow meter.

2.Coriolis flow sensor size

Coriolis flow meter is bulky and large, and obviously, DN6 flow meter sensor size is cheaper than 4 inch coriolis flow meter, normally the large size, and the higher price.

3.Flow sensor wet parts material

Silver Automation Instruments sell standard 316L stainless steel material for coriolis meter, if users need better corrosive resistance material such as hastelloy, it will cost more money.

4.Coriolis flow meter functions

It includes Hart, RS485, batch control function, remote display, tri-clamp process connection for hygienic purpose also affect the flow meter price.

5.Pressure rating & temperature

Normally our Coriolis meter is standard with 16 Bar pressure rating, however if you need high pressure such as 32Mpa, the price is much more expensive.
Our standard medium temperature is -50~150℃,it can max bear 350℃ , and the higher operation temperature needed, the more price cost.
However if you are not sure which type Coriolis flowmeter should be selected, you just need to tell us below technical parameters, Silver Automation Instruments always choose proper type coriolis meter with best price and best suitable flow meter.

Specifications needed to choose proper type Coriolis flow meter

  • a.Medium to be measured?
  • b.Flow range and your pipe line size.
  • c.Operation temperature and operation pressure
  • d.Function you need, such as Hart?  Batch control? Remote display?
  • e.Process connection, such as flange standard, or you need tri-clamp for food industry?
Once you tell us above technical specifications, we can easily choose a correct type coriolis flow meter and quote you the best flow measurement price.

Click below for more information about Low cost Coriolis Flow meter Technical specifications.

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