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Gas flow meter price

Gas flow meter is a kind of gas measuring instruments which measure the gas or air flow rate in a closed pipeline. We often need to measure natural gas, biogas, LPG gas,CO2,compressed air,N2,fuel gas and so on.

Factors affect gas flow meter price

1. Gas flow meter manufacture and origin

Normally famous brand gas flow meters such as Sierra, Omega, Dwyer, Bronkhorst from European or American are higher price. While currently more and more China flow measuring instruments factories manufacture excellent and stable performance gas flow meters in lower price.

2. Gas flow meter types

Various kinds’ gas flow meters can be selected, such as gas turbine flow meter, thermal mass flow meter, Coriolis flow meter, vortex flow meter, metal tube rotameter,DP flow meters .,etc. Different type flow meters, different prices and gas flow meter supplier will choose proper type gas flow meters according to users’ technical specifications.

3. Gas flow sensor Size

Gas flow meter sensor sizes affect the price cost. Which gas sensor size should be selected? It depends on the actual gas flow rate also existing pipeline. And obviously ,the large sensor size, the more price cost.

4. Gas flow meter functions

Different gas flow meter functions, different price, below we list main function factors are related to gas flow meter price.
a. Digital display or not?
b. Hart Protocol, Modbus RTU communication or not?
c. Whether need volume gas flow or mass gas flow?
d. Explosion proof needed?

5. Operation pressure and temperature

If the gas flow meter is operated in high pressure, such as LPG Gas in gas station, it needs high pressure rating gas flow meters, high pressure rating needs more price than standard pressure rating (normally 16 bar)

However it is hard to tell you what the price of gas flow meters, customers need to inform gas flowmeter manufacturer below technical specifications:

Technical specifications need to choose proper type gas flow meter

a. What kind of gas you will measure?
b. Do you need mass flow or volumetric flow?
c. Gas flow range?
d. Operation temperature and pressure?
e. Process connection request
f. Additional function you need, such as digital display? Any protocol or communication, such as Hart or Modbus?

Once gas flow meter factories get above specifications, they will choose correct and suitable type gas flow meters and inform you the price cost.

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