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Micro-Flowrate Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Micro-Flowrate Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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SRK-M Micro-flowrate Thermal gas mass flow meter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion, and miniature gas flow meter adopts method of constant differential temperature to measuring gas flow. It has advantages of small size, easy installation, high reliability and high accuracy, etc.

Features of ultra low gas flow meter
  • Measuring the mass flow or volume flow of gas in low flow rate ,at ml/min or cc/min
  • Miniature gas flow meters Do not need to do temperature and pressure compensation in principle with accurate measurement and easy operation.
  • Wide range: 0.5Nm/s~100Nm/s for gas. The meter also can be used for gas leak detection
  • Good vibration resistance and long service life. No moving parts and pressure sensor in transducer, no vibration influence on the measurement accuracy.
  • Microfluidic flow meter Easy installation and maintenance. If the conditions on site are permissible, the meter can achieve a hot-tapped installation and maintenance. (Special order of custom-made)
  • Ultra low gas flow meter with Digital design, high accuracy and stability
  • Configuring with RS485 or HART interface to realize factory automation and integration

Specifications of miniature gas flow meter


Various Gases ( Except acetylene)

Pipe Size

DN3~DN10 mm


0.1 ~ 100 Nm/s


±1 ~2.5 %

Working Temp.

Sensor -40~ +220°C,Transmitter: -20 ~ +40  °C

Working Pressure


Power Supply

18-30V DC, max current 625mA

Response Time

1 s


4-20mA ,Pulse,RS485

Alarm Output

2 line Relay, Normally Open state,3A/30V/DC


4 Line LCD,Mass Flow,Volume Flow in Standard Condition,Flow totalizer,Velocity.,etc



Within±50°F, affect±0.02%  per°F of reading.

±50-100°F, affect±0.03%  per°F of reading.

Within±25°C, affect±0.04%  per°C of reading.

±25°C-50°C, affect±0.06%  per°C of reading.

Pressure Coefficient

User Specified Conditions:, within±50 psig(3.4 barg) can ignore.

Higherpressure needs specific calculation.


Hazardous area IP67 or NEM4A(IP65), aluminum casting with powder coated

Sensor Material

Stainless Steel 316

Electrical Connection

3/4” NPT , Hazardous area IP67

1/2”NPT,NEMA 4X IP65

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